Maidstone & District Advertising Liveries

This page features Maidstone & District vehicles which carried exclusive advertising contract liveries

Last updated : April 15th 2019 (under construction)

Bristol VR
Fleet Number




Date Applied Date RepaintedClickable Photo Link
Saturdays Disco

Saturdays Disco

5857 : BKE857T
BKE857T in Invictaway livery
BKE857T received this wraparound scheme on its NBC green livery advertising Maidstone & District's Invictaway coach operations.
BKE857T in Eden Project advertising livery
5857 received a further advertising livery after leaving Maidstone & District when it was painted in this allover scheme for Eden Project in 2001 when operated by Truronian. (Photo : Rob Capel)
5876 : FKM876V
FKM876V in Adscene livery
This photo shows FKM876V in Adscene livery in September 1995 (Photo : Mark Pitman)

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