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RELL6L 1217 - 1236

Last Updated : May 6th 2018 (brought up-to-date)

This page lists Bristol Omnibus RELL 1217-1236 including links to pages containing all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at

Fleet Number


Chassis/Body Type

Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Sold

RELL3/1307 3/1971 (New) 11/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1218 AHT202J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1308 3/1971 (New) 4/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1219 AHT203J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1309 3/1971 (New) 8/1983 (SCRAPPED) BOC OMO liveryNBC green liveryAHT203J in BOC Farecards overall advertising liveryAHT203J in Bryans Ford wraparound advertising liveryAHT203J in Style House wraparound advertising livery
C1220 AHT204J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1310 3/1971 (New) 4/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1221 AHT205J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1311 3/1971 (New) 4/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1222 AHT206J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1312 3/1971 (New) 1/1986 (Badgerline 1222) BOC OMO liveryNBC green liveryHirerite Vans liveryRebuilt to B50F, 6/1984
C1223 AHT207J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1315 3/1971 (New) 4/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1224 AHT208J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1316 3/1971 (New) 11/1982 (City of Oxford 677)
C1225 AHT209J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1317 3/1971 (New) 4/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1226 AHT210J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1318 3/1971 (New) 4/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1227 AHT211J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1319 3/1971 (New) 11/1982 (City of Oxford 680)
C1228 AHT212J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1331 3/1971 (New) 1/1986 (Badgerline 1228) Rebuilt to B50F, 11/1982
C1229 AHT213J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1332 3/1971 (New) 4/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1230 AHT214J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1333 3/1971 (New) 5/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1231 AHT215J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1334 3/1971 (New) 3/1984 (SCRAPPED)
C1232 AHT216J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1436 6/1971 (New) 2/1981 (SCRAPPED) Fitted with a Leyland O500 engine from new
C1233 AHT217J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1437 6/1971 (New) 3/1984 (SCRAPPED) Fitted with a Leyland O500 engine from new
C1234 AHT218J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1438 6/1971 (New) 11/1985 (SCRAPPED) Fitted with a Leyland O500 engine from new. Re-engined with an O680, ?/1981
C1235 AHT219J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1439 6/1971 (New) 4/1982 (SCRAPPED) Fitted with a Leyland O500 engine from new
C1236 AHT220J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1440 6/1971 (New)
1/1984 (SCRAPPED) Fitted with a Leyland O500 engine from new

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