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This page lists Bristol Lodekkas FRD1 - FRD50 operated by Alexander Fife including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at



Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Withdrawn and Sold Notes
FRD1 GWG977 LD6G 116181 5/1961 (Alexander RD1) ?/1975 (SCRAPPED)  
FRD2 GWG978 LD6G 116182 5/1961 (Alexander RD2) ?/1975 (SCRAPPED)  
FRD3 GWG979 LD6G 116183 5/1961 (Alexander RD3) ?/1975 (SCRAPPED)  
FRD4 GWG980 LD6G 116184 5/1961 (Alexander RD4) ?/1971 (Driver trainer)  
FRD5 GWG981 LD6G 116195 5/1961 (Alexander RD5) ?/1971 (Driver trainer)  
FRD6 GWG982 LD6G 120005 5/1961 (Alexander RD6) ?/1975 (SCRAPPED)  
FRD7 GWG983 LD6G 120007 5/1961 (Alexander RD7) ?/1975 (SCRAPPED)  
FRD8 GWG984 LD6G 120008 5/1961 (Alexander RD8) 7/1972 (Towing wagon)  
FRD9 GWG985 LD6G 120011 5/1961 (Alexander RD9) ?/1975 (SCRAPPED)  
FRD36 JWG91 LD6G 120013 5/1961 (Alexander RD36) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD37 JWG92 LD6G 120017 5/1961 (Alexander RD37) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD38 JWG93 LD6G 120018 5/1961 (Alexander RD38) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD39 JWG94 LD6G 120025 5/1961 (Alexander RD39) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD40 JWG95 LD6G 120026 5/1961 (Alexander RD40) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD41 JWG96 LD6G 116102 5/1961 (Alexander RD41) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD42 JWG97 LD6G 116103 5/1961 (Alexander RD42) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD43 JWG98 LD6G 116106 5/1961 (Alexander RD43) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD44 JWG99 LD6G 116107 5/1961 (Alexander RD44) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD45 JWG101 LD6G 116128 5/1961 (Alexander RD45) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD46 JWG102 LD6G 116129 5/1961 (Alexander RD46) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD47 JWG103 LD6G 116132 5/1961 (Alexander RD47) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD48 JWG104 LD6G 116133 5/1961 (Alexander RD48) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD49 JWG105 LD6G 116136 5/1961 (Alexander RD49) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD50 JWG106 LD6G 116137 5/1961 (Alexander RD50) Not known (SCRAPPED)  

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