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Query - DGR874S

Last Updated: January 2nd 2000 (query answered)

Willowbrook-bodied DGR874S was operated by Black Prince in Leeds between July 1990 and March 1991 painted in this unique livery which attempted to make the double-deck VR look like two single-deck REs one on top of the other. On withdrawal it passed to dealer Company Bus of Gloucester where it was noted outside the depot of Circle Line, Gloucester in June 1991. It has not been seen since, but since it has never been reported as scrapped it may still survive. If anyone can shed any light on the fate of this rare vehicle I would love to hear from you at


Thanks to John Davies, proprietor of The Company Bus of Gloucester we now have an answer as to the fate of this VR. It was acquired in March 1991 from dealer Geoff Ripley of Carlton but was found to have a tired Leyland O501 engine as well as a poor chassis and was returned from whence it came without seeing any use in service, almost certainly to meet its end under the breaker's torch.

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