Illustrated History for 869NHT

Reregistered FAS962, 869NHT

Chassis: FS6G 178004 Body: ECW 12289 Series 2 Engine: Gardner 6LW Configuration: CO33/27R
Status: Preserved     Last Reported: 5/2017

Last updated : January 24th 2019 (brought up-to-date)

Bristol Omnibus history courtesy Allan Macfarlane - thanks Allan!!

1/2003 - current Martin Curtis & Dr Mike Walker, Bath (for preservation). Reregistered 869NHT, 4/2003. Repainted in Tilling cream livery, c4/2010
?/2002 - 1/2003 Ensign, Purfleet (dealer)
4/2002 - ?/2002 Mac Tours Ltd. 26
by 12/2000 - 4/2002 Dewar (Mac Tours), Cockenzie
11/1988 - ?/???? R W Appleby Ltd. Still there, 7/1999
11/1979 - 11/1988 Jones, Weston-Super-Mare (for preservation)
12/1961 - 11/1979
Bristol Omnibus Company Ltd. 8579.

To service, 1/12/1961, in cream with black wings and BRISTOL fleetnames in gold.

Fleetname replaced by Weston-super-Mare borough arms for 1965 season.

Renumbered L8579, 21/5/1966.

Wings repainted Brunswick green, date unknown.

NBC-style BRISTOL fleetnames added ahead of borough arms for 1974 season.

Repainted in dark blue and white "tram" livery, named "Western Superior" and decorated with painting of Clifton Suspension Bridge, spring 1976.

Withdrawn 1/11/1979.

Rear view of 869NHT in 2010

Photo : Martin S Curtis

869NHT in 2010

Photo : Dr Mike Walker

869NHT with Mac Tours

Photo : Andy Mitchell

869NHT with Appleby

Photo : From the Internet

869NHT closed-top in Western Superior livery

Photo : Cambridge Omnibus Society

869NHT open-top in Western Superior livery

Photo : Photobus

869NHT in 1975

Photo : Steve Thoroughgood

869NHT in initial open-top livery

Photo : Paul Redmond


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