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Colchester Borough Council

Last Amended : 9th May 2024 (brought up-to-date)

Most Recent Photo Fleet Number Registration Number Chassis and Number Body Make and Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded


Photo : Peter Burton

19 OWC719M RELL3/2010 ECW 20817 Unknown travellers in Dorset (for use as a caravan) February 2004 Noted in Hove, 2/2004

Photo : Alex K

20 OWC720M RELL3/2011 ECW 20818 Mike Ede, Stroud (preserved) May 2024  
OWC722M in 2022
Photo : David Edwards
22 OWC722M RELL3/2013 ECW 20820 George Hill, Stroud (preserved) May 2024  

Photo : Rob Sly

23 OWC723M RELL3/2014 ECW 20821 Charsley, Shrewsbury (preserved) March 2003  

Photo : Phil Logie

24 SWC24K RELL3/1738 ECW 19787
Joseph Jerome, Berkeley (preserved) May 2024

Photo : Rob Sly

25 SWC25K RELL3/1739 ECW 19788 Paul Emery, Chase Terrace (preserved) August 2019

Photo : Rob Sly

26 SWC26K RELL3/1740 ECW 19789 Nigel Frampton, Southampton (preserved) January 2022

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