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Other makes of buses are tracked on eBay here. Recent additions are:

Bristol FS6G 5677EL (added May 18th 2024)
Bristol KSW/ECW open-top Wings Tour Bus WNO481 (added November 24th 2023)
Guy Arab V/Northern Counties 6216TF (added October 4th 2023)
Bristol L6A/ECW GFM882 (added October 3rd 2023)
Bristol Lodekka OHR919 (added September 28th 2023)
Bristol LH towing wagon KHU323P (added August 17th 2023)
Ex-Darlington Daimler Fleetline NHN250K (added August 9th 2023)
Bristol RESL6L JEH198K (added August 2nd 2023)
Bristol VR RHT503S (added June 16th 2023)
Bristol Lodekka 68DNG (added June 13th 2023)
Bristol VR NHU671R (added June 12th 2023)
Bristol FLF 809SHW (added May 25th 2023)
Bristol VR Airbnb JWV269W (added February 13th 2023)
Bristol Lodekka WVX525F (added January 19th 2023)
Bristol LH OJD45R (added October 16th 2022)
Bristol VR /  Alexander PBD40R (added October 11th 2022)
Bristol MW coach 573UVX (added August 11th 2022)
Bristol VR ODL662R (added May 15th 2022)
Bristol VR OVV849R (added February 28th 2022)
Bristol VR LFJ855W (added February 25th 2022)

If you find any interesting vehicles that are not linked from here please let me know at - but don't worry, this site remains dedicated to Bristol buses as their numbers slowly dwindle. 

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