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Last Amended : 14th August 2023 (brought up-to-date)

Links : Steven Hughes's ENOC 1516 Website

Most Recent Photo Fleet Number Registration Number Chassis and Number ECW Body Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded


RPU869M in 2022
Photo : Reg Vardy
454 RPU869M RELH4/658 ECW 21448 Jane Dicker, Hastings (preserved) May 2022  

Photo : Grant Thompson

1404 VHK177L (ex-819XUP, VHK177L, 929CVJ, VHK177L) RELH4/493 ECW 19857 East Anglian Transport Museum, Carlton Colville (preserved) November 2016 Prototype ECW B51 body conversion

Photo : Andy Bissett

1418 GJD194N, CSV524, JEU509N RELH4/764 Plaxton 7411BCR003 Andy Bissett, Westbury (preserved) January 2012  
GJD196N in 2018

Photo : Pete Renault

1419 GJD196N, CSV992, JEU508N, MIB4194 RELH4/763 Plaxton 7411BCR005 Andy Bissett, Westbury (preservationist for spares) December 2018 Acquired in accident damaged condition

Photo : Steven Hughes

1516 FWC439H RELL3/919 ECW 17606 Dave Edwards, Colchester (preserved) August 2023
SVW274K in 2014

Photo : Luke Deal

1546 SVW274K RELL3/1743 ECW Luke Deal, Colchester (preserved) August 2023
WNO537L in 2020
Photo : Maldon District Photo Group
1548 WNO537L RELL3/1823 ECW Bob Salmon, South Benfleet (preserved) May 2020

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