Illustrated History for EWS747W

Chassis: VRTSL3-2944 Body: ECW (standard height) Engine: Leyland O680 - Gardner 6LXB Configuration: H43/31F, CH43/31F, H42/31F
Status: Scrapped     Last Reported: 7/2006

Last Updated : December 21st 2017 (brought up-to-date)

8/2004 ?, ? (dealer for scrap)
2/2004 - 8/2004 First Devon & Cornwall Ltd. 38848. Withdrawn c4/2004. Used heavily for spares, by 6/2004
3/1999 - 2/2004 First Western National Buses Ltd. 1227. Overall yellow and black advert for Darlows Estate Agents, 6/99. Fitted with bus seats upstairs (still coach-seated downstairs) and altered to H42/31F, by 6/99. Fleet livery, 3/2001. Withdrawn 4/2003. Reinstated at Plymouth, 5/2003. Renumbered 38848, 1/2004
3/1990 - 3/1999 Western National Ltd. 1227. Refurbished, by 9/95
1/1986 - 3/1990 Badgerline Ltd. 5539
8/1981 - 1/1986 Bristol Omnibus Company Ltd. 5539. Rebuilt to CH??/??F, ??/8?

The end has arrived - this is July 2006 and 1227 is reduced to a battered shell (Photo : Glyn Williams)

Unbelievably, 1227 was reinstated at Plymouth following its withdrawal and subsequent storage at Bude in April 2003 and lasted a further year before finally heading for the scrapman. Here it is seen on an 83 turn (Photo : Nick Rice)

Transferred to Cornwall 1227 is now seen leaving Truro Bus Station during March 2003. By now it had received the front cowl from another VR in the older livery (Photo : Terry Partridge)

In Plymouth Bus Station during 2001, having been repainted in the last version of Western National fleet livery before Barbie 2 was introduced (Photo : Nick Foster)

Leaving Paignton Bus Station on February 15th 2000 in Darlows Estate Agents overall advertising livery (Photo: Ian Kirby)

"Badgers and Flags" livery, c1995. (Photo: BVRES Collection)

In overall advert for Plymco Superstores, date unknown (Photo : Terry Partridge)

In the first version of Western National fleet livery applied after transfer from Badgerline in Plymouth on December 12th 1990 (Photo: Kelvin Amos Collection)

At Bath Bus Station in freshly-applied Badgerline livery in 1985 having recently been rebuilt with coach seating (Photo: Rob Sly)

Outside Bristol Bus Station in NBC green livery in 1983 (Photo: Rob Sly)

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