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VRs in France

Last Updated : January 9th 2022 (CRU301L added)

The VRs shown on this page were in France on the above date. The liveries depicted are the last known to be carried by the individual vehicles. If you know that the livery or location has now changed I would appreciate receiving an email or, better still, a photo which I will add to this page and credit to you. Remember - the site is only as good as the information I receive.

The following VR was shipped to France in June 2021 to an unknown location for conversion for use as a camper:


The following VR is in use as a static bar with The Temple Bus, Maubec:

JWT761V in 2021
Photo : Shane Ross

The following VR was shipped to France in April 2019 to an unknown location:


The following VR was shipped to southern France in October 2017 and converted for use as a mobile restaurant by Virgin Track, Boisset-et-Gaujac:

URU691S in 2018
Photo : Phlippe Gaultier

The following VR is with A 'Bus 'E Jeux, Pierrelatte, Bordeaux, France in use as a youth recreational vehicle:

RWT544R in 2019
Photo : A Bus e Jeux

The following VR was shipped to Brittany in November 2016 where Association Kariba converted it for use as a catering unit. It is registered EM-842-MP locally:

VTH942T in 2021
Photo : Association Kariba

The following VRs were converted for use by Retrocs (La Petite Friperie Ambulante) based in Quimper but mobile all over Brittany. Unfortunately DEX231T was destroyed by fire in 2014 and the business closed in 2016:


VPF288S in 2014
Photo : Darren Gallop


DEX231T in 2014
Photo : David Long

The following VR has been converted to a static restaurant with L'Imperial Bus, Grenade :

JKH510V in 2020
Photo : L'Imperial Bus

The following VR was in a yard near the railway at La Grand-Combe in May 2013:


The following VRs were owned by Publibus, Lezardrieux, Brittany in May 2013:

BRX381T (ex-DEX231T)

Photo : Allan Macfarlane


Photo : Allan Macfarlane

The following VR has been converted or use as a static cafe near Lezardrieux, Brittany, owner unknown. It was for sale in December 2012:


Photo : From the Internet

The following VR was in use as a cafe in Amberieu-en-Bugey as "Le Bus Bristol". It had gone and the site had been cleared by July 2018:


FKM867V in France

Photo : Len Midgham

The following VR was with LondonBus in St-Amante-Tallende, but had been sold by July 2020:

VVV948W (ex-FAO417V)

FAO417V in 2011

Photo : Brian Watkinson

The following VR is in Vias in use as rental accommodation:


The following VR was used in Eastern France to advertise Carrefour before being used as static accommodation at Chateau Crieure Marquet in Bordeaux from 2015. In July 2020 it was repatriated to the U.K. for a life in preservation:


AFJ750T in 2020

Photo : David Jory

The following rare VRL coach is with an unknown owner in Toulouse for use as a caravan :


The following VR is with Boutrouche, Quimper, Brittany but was for sale on eBay in 8/2005 :


Photo : eBay

The following VR was driven to the French Alps in August 2004 for conversion to a caravan :


The following VR was with Sandrine Becquaert & Emmanuel Caldier, Villebon sur Yvette, France. However, it was noted in a recovery yard in Cosne-sur-Loire in 9/2011, ownership unknown and had been scrapped by 6/2020:


Photo : Nick Moore

The following VR was with the Church of Scientology in Paris. Unfortunately it was damaged by vandals in 2009 and was for sale by August. It turned up later in Switzerland:


The following VR is thought to be used by the Church of Scientology somewhere in France. It is also recorded as a non-PCV in the U.K. :


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