Illustrated History for GKL826N

Chassis: VRT/SL2/853 Body: ECW 20659 Series 2 Engine: Gardner 6LX Configuration: H43/34F
Status: Scrapped     Last Reported: 9/2005

Last updated : March 13th 2017 (brought up-to-date)

c9/2005  ?, Carlton (dealer for scrap)
10/2003 - ?/2005 Myles Chantler, Southernden (for preservation)
11/1992 - 10/2003 Four Jays Site-a-Loo, Barling Farm, East Sutton (non-PCV). Withdrawn ?/96. Still stored and in faded red livery, 8/2002
10/1990 - 11/1992 Morgan, Biddenden (Bygone Buses)
?/197? - 10/1990 The Maidstone & District Motor Services Ltd. 5826

Photo : Mark Priest

Photo : Nigel Chatfield

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