Illustrated History for JOU161P

Chassis: VRT/SL3/123 Body: ECW Engine: Leyland O501 Configuration: H43/27D
Status: Preserved     Last Reported: 8/2023

Last updated : August 31st 2023 (brought up-to-date)

4/1998 - current Rob Sly, Farnborough (for preservation). To Camberley, 7/1998. Moved to Tewkesbury, 11/2006. Restored in NBC green livery, 5/2008
4/1998 - 4/1998 Hardwick (AJS Salvage), Carlton (dealer)
7/1992 - 4/1998 Barsby (AA Trans Alv), Derby. Named "The Big Bopper", by 12/1994. Moved to Alvaston and named "Black Knight", by 1/1997
9/1991 - 7/1992 Yeates, Loughborough (dealer). Loaned to Gagg, Bunny, 9/1991 to 10/1991
5/1991 - 9/1991     Rowland & Lane, Long Eaton (Albert Ripon Keinline). Used on service to the American Adventure Theme Park
10/1990 - 5/1991 Kirby, Wythall (for preservation)
4/1988 - 10/1990 Midland Red West Ltd. 5031. Withdrawn 8/1990
3/1980 - 4/1988 Bristol Omnibus Company Ltd. 5031. Withdrawn 5/1987. City Rider livery and reinstated, 11/1987 Loaned to Midland Red West, 12/1987 to 4/1988
10/1975 - 3/1980 Cheltenham District Traction Company 5031

JOU161P in 2008

Photo : Peter Cook

May 2008 was a watershed month for 5031 - it emerged from two months at Busworks in Blackpool with a full repaint as well as many other detail jobs completed. It is seen here the day after its return south at the Bristol Centenary rally at the Harbourside complex.

JOU161P in 2007

Photo : Rob Sly

5031 returned to the West Country for the first time in nearly twenty years in March 2007. The bus was taxed for the first time since 1998 and restoration was well under way by this time.

JOU161P in 1997

Photo : Rob Sly

Your author received a phone call in April 1998  from Mark Bennett to say that 5031 was at the bus graveyard in Carlton and was in danger of being broken up later that week. What else could he do than go up and rescue his favourite VR? Seen here having just been pulled out of the scrap line at Alan Hardwick's yard, it is in the final overall advertising livery carried during its time with AA Trans Alv.

JOU161P with Barsby

Photo : Michael Hill

5031 was quite a survivor after its sale by Midland Red West. Passing through several owners it ended up with AA Trans Alv near Derby who painted it in this overall livery for a local nightclub. It remained the only VR in this fleet for nearly six years, apparently becoming something of a local celebrity itself with clubbers in Derby.

JOU161P with Midland Red West

Photo : Graham Jones

5031 was repainted in City Line livery immediately prior to transfer to Midland Red West. It is seen in Redditch in June 1988 with MRW logos at the front and rear corner.

JOU161P in 1987

Photo : Rob Sly

5031 was the last vehicle in NBC green livery operating in the City of Bristol. It is seen here at The Centre with Cityline fleetname in early 1987, just prior to repaint out of these colours.


JOU161P in NBC green livery

Photo : Dave Russell & Deric Pemberton

5031 carries copious advertising for Bristol Omnibus's Faresaver tickets in this early 1980s view.

JOU161P on its first day in service

Photo : BVRES Collection

Seen soon after entering service, 5031 was one of the first vehicles delivered to Cheltenham District in NBC green livery, earlier deliveries having carried red livery.

JOU161P on delivery

Photo : Martin S Curtis

This rare view shows 5031 before entering service, parked up at Lawrence Hill in Bristol. Of particular note is the rear route number blind which was painted over before entering service in Cheltenham. Later the aperture was removed permanently with new panels.

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