Illustrated History for LAK937W

Chassis: VRT/SL3/2993 Body: ECW 24872 Series 2 Engine: Gardner 6LXB Configuration: H43/31F
Status: Non-PCV     Last Reported: 1/2024

Last updated : January 10th 2024 (brought up-to-date)

c?/2009 - current John Cierach (The Big Red Pizzeria), Deptford. Acquired in lieu of unpaid rent. Converted to an immobile pizza restaurant at the same site next to the Bird's Nest pub, by 6/2011
by 10/2000 - ?/200? ?, West Norwood, London (non-PCV). Kept in the staff car park at Kings Cross Station, 2/2001, use unknown. Kept at the Bird's Nest pub in Deptford, by 9/2004. Derelict and still in East Yorkshire livery
9/2000 - ?/2000 PVS, Carlton (dealer)
12/1992 - 9/2000 East Yorkshire Motor Services Ltd. 787. Burgundy livery, 10/1997
7/1981 - 12/1992 The Yorkshire Traction Company Ltd. 937. Loaned to Barnsley and District c16/11/1991 to 28/11/1991 and again by 5/12/1991 to 17/12/1991

Photo : John Cierach

Photo : Niki Johnson

Photo : Alistair Friar

Photo : BVRES Collection

Photo : BVRES Collection

Photo : Rob Sly

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