Bristol Omnibus Lodekka Survivors List

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BRISTOL LD L8248 - L8262

Last Updated : January 6th 2019 (under construction)

The pages linked to this index page list Bristol Tramways Bristol LDs L8133 - L8262 including all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at rob@robsly.como

Fleet Number


Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Withdrawn and Sold Notes
LD6B 100001
3/1953 (New)
5/1957 (Bristol Omnibus L8133) Pre-production Lodekka
L8248 THW738 LD6B 100192 2/1955 (New) 5/1957 (Bristol Omnibus L8248)  
L8249 THW739 LD6B 104015 3/1955 (New) 5/1957 (Bristol Omnibus L8249)  
L8250 THW740 LD6B 104016 3/1955 (New) 5/1957 (Bristol Omnibus L8250)  
L8251 THW741 LD6B 104049 3/1955 (New) 5/1957 (Bristol Omnibus L8251)  
L8252 THW742 LD6B 104050 3/1955 (New) 5/1957 (Bristol Omnibus L8252)  
L8253 THW743 LD6B 104051 3/1955 (New) 5/1957 (Bristol Omnibus L8253)  
L8254 THW744 LD6B 104052 3/1955 (New) 5/1957 (Bristol Omnibus L8254)  
L8255 THW745 LD6B 104053 3/1955 (New) 5/1957 (Bristol Omnibus L8255)  
L8256 THW746 LD6B 104054 5/1955 (New) 5/1957 (Bristol Omnibus L8256)  
L8257 THW747 LD6B 104100 6/1955 (New) 5/1957 (Bristol Omnibus L8257)  
L8258 THW748 LD6B 104101 6/1955 (New) 5/1957 (Bristol Omnibus L8258)  
L8259 THW749 LD6B 104102 6/1955 (New) 5/1957 (Bristol Omnibus L8259)  
L8260 THW750 LD6B 104103 6/1955 (New) 5/1957 (Bristol Omnibus L8260)  
L8261 THW751 LD6B 104104 6/1955 (New) 5/1957 (Bristol Omnibus L8261)  
L8262 THW752 LD6B 104105 6/1955 (New) 5/1957 (Bristol Omnibus L8262)  

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