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This page lists Bristol Lodekkas FRD56 - FRD95 operated by Alexander Fife including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at



Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Withdrawn and Sold Notes
FRD56 KWG609 LD6G 138116 5/1961 (Alexander RD56) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD57 KWG610 LD6G 138117 5/1961 (Alexander RD57) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD58 KWG611 LD6G 138118 5/1961 (Alexander RD58) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD59 KWG612 LD6G 138131 5/1961 (Alexander RD59) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD60 KWG613 LD6G 138132 5/1961 (Alexander RD60) 7/1976 (SCRAPPED)  
FRD61 KWG614 LD6G 138138 5/1961 (Alexander RD61) 2/1976 (SCRAPPED)  
FRD62 KWG615 LD6G 138139 5/1961 (Alexander RD62) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD63 KWG616 LD6G 138145 5/1961 (Alexander RD63) 7/1976 (SCRAPPED)  
FRD64 KWG617 LD6G 138146 5/1961 (Alexander RD64) 2/1976 (SCRAPPED)  
FRD65 KWG618 LD6G 138152 5/1961 (Alexander RD65) 2/1976 (SCRAPPED)  
FRD66 KWG619 LD6G 138153 5/1961 (Alexander RD66) ?/1976 (SCRAPPED)  
FRD67 KWG620 LD6G 138159 5/1961 (Alexander RD67) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD68 KWG621 LD6G 138160 5/1961 (Alexander RD68) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD74 KWG603 LD6G 150026 5/1961 (Alexander RD74) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD75 KWG624 LD6G 150028 5/1961 (Alexander RD75) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD78 KWG628 LD6G 150043 5/1961 (Alexander RD78) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD79 MMS731 LD6G 150049 5/1961 (Alexander RD79) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD81 MMS733 LD6G 150069 5/1961 (Alexander RD81) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD82 MMS734 LD6G 150070 5/1961 (Alexander RD82) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD83 MMS735 LD6G 150071 5/1961 (Alexander RD83) 2/1976 (SCRAPPED)  
FRD88 MMS740 LD6G 150083 5/1961 (Alexander RD88) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD89 MMS741 LD6G 150089 5/1961 (Alexander RD89) ?/1976 (SCRAPPED)  
FRD90 MMS742 LD6G 150108 5/1961 (Alexander RD90) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD91 MMS743 LD6G 150109 5/1961 (Alexander RD91) ?/1977 (SCRAPPED)  
FRD92 MMS744 LD6G 150110 5/1961 (Alexander RD92) ?/1977 (SCRAPPED)  
FRD93 MMS745 LD6G 150111 5/1961 (Alexander RD93) 5/1975 (Non-PCV)  
FRD94 MMS746 LD6G 150112 5/1961 (Alexander RD94) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
FRD95 MMS747 LD6G 150116 5/1961 (Alexander RD95) Not known (SCRAPPED)  

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