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Last Amended : 6th December 2023 (BNE764N updated)

Most Recent Photo Original Owner and Fleet Number Registration Number Chassis and Number Body Make and Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded


Photo : Ian Kirby

Cardiff 105 LUH105P LHS/246 ECW 21984 Mike Taylor, Cardiff (preserved) April 2023  

Greater Manchester P.T.E. 92
Freedom Coach, Newcastle
June 2003

BNE764N in 2021

Photo : Mark Prescott

Greater Manchester P.T.E. 1321 BNE764N LH/922 ECW Wigan Transport Trust (preserved) December 2023  

Photo : Chris Platt

Northampton 21 KAO274V (ex-KBD21V) LHS/347 ECW 22883 Unknown owner on Orkney September 2010 Converted for use as a caravan

Photo : Dave Beardmore

Rossendale 50 SND550X LHS/395 East Lancs Roberts, Bury (preserved) August 1998  
  West Yorkshire P.T.E. 39 31906 (ex-JUG355N, 31916) LHS/220 ECW Unknown owner on Guernsey January 1997 Used as a shed
JUG356N in 2015

Photo : Jacqui Attree

West Yorkshire P.T.E. 40 JUG356N LHS/221 ECW Jacqui Attree, Shoreham (non-PCV)
October 2018 For conversion to a mobile home
 JUG357N in 2016
Photo : Paul Emery
West Yorkshire P.T.E. 41 JUG357N LHS/222 ECW  William Staniforth, Birmingham (preservationist for spares) July 2019 Used as a storeshed

Photo : Teapotcircus

West Yorkshire P.T.E. 43 MUA43P LHS/240 ECW Unknown owner in the U.K. August 2010 Converted for use as caravan. Noted in Bristol, 8/2002 and again in Glastonbury, 8/2010

Photo : Chris Tunstall

West Yorkshire P.T.E. 45 MUA45P LHS/242 ECW 21585 Merseyside Transport Trust (preserved) March 2018  

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