Illustrated History for NYG802M

Reregistered 5735UA, NYG802M

Chassis: RELH4/625 Body: Plaxton 733861 Engine: Leyland O680 Configuration: C49F
Status: For Spares     Last Reported: 7/2023

Last updated : July 22nd 2023 (brought up-to-date)

7/2023 - current
Stroud RE Group (preservationists for spares)
8/2020 - 7/2023
Julian Patterson, Kings Lynn (preservationist for spares)
8/2018 - 8/2020
Rob Sly, Tewkesbury (preservationist for spares)
9/2014 - 8/2018
Neil Halliday, Shipley (for further preservation). Found to be beyond restoration
5/1997 - 9/2014Mark Webb, Guildford (for preservation)
5/1990 - 5/1997 Burton, Harrogate (Longsters of Pateley). Often delicensed during winter/spring but relicensed in summer for contract work. Fitted with a Leyland scroll badge, by 5/1995. Reregistered NYG802M before sale
5/1990 - 5/1990 Hughes DAF, Gomersal (dealer)
3/1985 - 4/1989 Transent (Ashville Travel), Harrogate. Reregistered 5735UA, 3/1986. Moved to Tockwith, 4/1989
4/1974 - 3/1985 West Yorkshire Road Car Company Ltd. 1042. Renumbered 2530, ?/19??

NYG802M in 2018

Photo : Rob Sly

NYG802M in 1998

Photo : Dave Beardmore

NYG802M in 1986

Photo : Mark Harrington

 NYG802M in NBC dual-purpose red and white livery
Photo : Neil Halliday
 NYG802M in 1976
Photo : Philip White

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