Illustrated History for OAE954M

Chassis: RELL3/1954 Body: ECW 20151 Series 2 Engine: Leyland O680 Configuration: B50F
Status: Preserved     Last Reported: 10/2023

Last updated : October 21st 2023 (brought up-to-date)

10/2023 - current
Alan Peters, Bristol (for further preservation)
6/2019 - 10/2023
Bob Tarling, Huntingdon (for further preservation). Restored in NBC green livery, ?/2021
3/2019 - 6/2019
Mike Ede, Stroud (for preservation)
2/1998 - 3/2019
Peters (ABus), Brislington. Operated on a Munden disc. ABus cream and white livery, by 4/1999. Withdrawn by 12/2000. Renovated and repainted in latest Abus livery, 12/2006. Considered to be in preserved status
10/1993 - 2/1998 Phil Anslow Travel, Garndiffaith. Numbered 64, 8/1997
1/1986 - 10/1993 Badgerline Ltd. 1332. Used by Badgervectis in Poole (fleetnumber 60) for a few weeks in 10/1987. Withdrawn 10/1993
10/1973 - 1/1986 Bristol Omnibus Company Ltd. 1332

OAE954M in 2021
Photo : Joseph Timbrell
OAE954M in revised Abus livery

Photo : Carl Berry

OAE954M in Abus livery

Photo : Dave Beardmore

OAE954M with Anslow

Photo : Ian Kirby

OAE954M in Badgerline livery

Photo : Rob Sly

OAE954M in hybrid NBC/Badgerline livery

Photo : Kelvin Amos

OAE954M in NBC green livery

Photo : Rob Sly

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