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The pages linked to this index page list all Bristol REs operated by Crosville including all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at


ERG1 - ERG6 (OFM1-6E), SRG7 - SRG25 (OFM7-16E, SFM17-22F, OFM23-25E), CRG26-29 (OFM26-29E)

CRG37 - CRG41 (UFM37-41F), CRG102 - CRG111 (AFM102-111G, CRG160 - CRG164 (EFM160-164H)

SRG42 - SRG51 (UFM42-51F), ERG52 - ERG61 (UFM52-61F)

SRG62 - SRG101 (XFM62-101G)

SRG112 - SRG121 (AFM112-121G), SRG122 - SRG143 (DFM122-143H)

SRG165 - SRG185 (EFM165-185H)

SRG186 - SRG224 (HFM186-224J)

SRL225 - SRG253 (Ex-North Western Road Car RE)

SRL254 - SRL258 (SJA389-393K), ERG269 - ERG287 (YFM269-287L), ERG288 - ERL292 (NFM288-292M)

CRL259 - CRL268 (TFM259-268K), CRL293 - CRL302 (BFM293-302L), CRL303 - CRL311 (SFM303-311M), ERL525-530 (PTF710/4/5/6/1/2L)

CRG493 - CRG496 (5454-5458FM), CRG524/CRG525 (7285/6FM), CRG527 - CRG532 (AFM102-107B), CRG571 - CRG580 (HFM571-580D), ERG593-5 (HFM593-5D), ERG596 - ERG598 (NFM596-598E)


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