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BRISTOL RE 2516 - 2530

Last Updated : November 21st 2018 (under construction)

This page lists Bristol REs 2516 - 2530 operated by Citybus including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at

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Chassis/Body Type

Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Withdrawn and Sold Notes
RELL6G Alexander (Belfast) B45F
2/1982 (New) 3/2005 (Lough Swilly 473)

2517XOI2517 RELL6G Alexander (Belfast) B45F RELL3/2674
2/1982 (New) 3/2005 (Lough Swilly 466)
2518XOI2518 RELL6G Alexander (Belfast) B39F RELL3/2675 2/1982 (New) 8/1988 (SCRAPPED)
Maliciously destroyed, 31/8/1988
2519XOI2519 RELL6G Alexander (Belfast) B45F RELL3/2676 2/1982 (New) 3/2002 (SCRAPPED)

2520XOI2520 RELL6G Alexander (Belfast) B45F RELL3/2677 2/1982 (New) 3/2005 (Preserved)

2521XOI2521 RELL6G Alexander (Belfast) B45F RELL3/2678 3/1982 (New) 12/2004 (South Lancs Travel of Leigh)

2522XOI2522 RELL6G Alexander (Belfast) B45F RELL3/2679 3/1982 (New) 4/2005 (Non-PCV)

2523XOI2523RELL6G Alexander (Belfast) B45F RELL3/26803/1982 (New) 8/2002 (SCRAPPED)
Withdrawn following an accident, 30/11/1999
2524XOI2524RELL6G Alexander (Belfast) B45F RELL3/26812/1982 (New) 7/2002 (SCRAPPED)
2525XOI2525RELL6G Alexander (Belfast) B45F RELL3/26822/1982 (New) 3/2005 (Lough Swilly 463)
2526XOI2526RELL6G Alexander (Belfast) B45F RELL3/26834/1982 (New) 1/2005 (Preserved)

2527XOI2527RELL6G Alexander (Belfast) B45F RELL3/26844/1982 (New) 12/2004 (South Lancs Travel of Leigh)
2528 XOI2528 RELL6G Alexander (Belfast) B45F RELL3/2685 4/1982 (New) 9/2003 (SCRAPPED)
2529 XOI2529 RELL6G Alexander (Belfast) B45F RELL3/2686 4/1982 (New) 10/1989 (SCRAPPED)
Maliciously destroyed, 14/8/1989
2530 XOI2530 RELL6G Alexander (Belfast) B45F RELL3/2687 4/1982 (New)
3/2005 (Lough Swilly 469)
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