Illustrated History for RHT141G

Chassis: RELL3/527 Body: ECW Engine: Leyland O680 Configuration: B53F
Status: Scrapped     Last Reported: 2/1995

Last updated : December 7th 2020 (brought up-to-date)

by 2/1995 PVS, Carlton (dealer for scrap). Broken up c20/2/1995
4/1992 - ?/1995 Northern Bus Company, North Anston. Repaired using parts from HDV628E and RBD329G, by 7/1992. Side-by-side destination equipment fitted during repair. To service, by 9/1992. Numbered 2101, 9/1992. Withdrawn 10/9/1994
9/1991 - 4/1992 Simon Munden, Bristol. Acquired damaged for intended preservation but no work carried out
1/1986 - 9/1991 Badgerline Ltd. 1092. Restored in Tilling green, 2/1989. Withdrawn following an accident at Cheddar, 7/1991
12/1968 - 1/1986 Bristol Omnibus Company Ltd. 1092

RHT141G at PVS

The end came in the mud of PVS's yard near Barnsley in February 1995

Photo : BVRES Collection

RHT141G with Northern Bus

1092 never quite looked or performed the same as in its Badgerline days with Northern Bus, but it still looked very fine in their livery

Photo : BVRES Collection

RHT141G undergoing repairs

After facing an uncertain future 1092 joined the Northern Bus fleet and was repaired, including the fitting of side-by-side destination blinds in place of the original T-type layout

Photo : BVRES Collection

RHT141G with accident damage

This front-end damage was received in service whilst on the 376 service. It would have spelled the end for most 20-year-old buses

Photo : BVRES Collection

RHT141G resstored in Tilling green livery

1092 received this version of Tilling livery while allocated to Wells under Badgerline ownership

Photo : Rob Sly

RHT141G in Badgerline livery

1092 arrives at Bristol Bus Station in full Badgerline livery

Photo : Rob Sly

RHT141G in NBC green livery

Seen at Bath in NBC green

Photo : Rob Sly

RHT141G in Bristol Omnibus OMO livery
Photo : Andy Mitchell
Photo required of RHT141G in original Tilling green livery
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