Illustrated History for SMS42H

Chassis: VRT/SL/320 Body: ECW Engine: Gardner 6LX Configuration: H43/34F, H39/31F
Status: Preserved     Last Reported: 12/2021

Last updated : December 12th 2021 (brought up-to-date)

11/2012 - current
Mark Telfer, Southport (for preservation). Transported by low-loader from Lippstadt to Prins Classic depot in Ammerzoden, The Netherlands, 7/2013. Towed from Ammerzoden to Chepstow, 4/2014. Extensive restoration work and partial repaint into Alexander blue livery completed, 12/2021
by 3/2009 - 11/2012Dick Schroeder (Zweiradschroeder), Lippstadt, Germany (dealer)
?/1999 - ?/200? Unknown antique dealer in Paradiese, Germany. Prize exhibit in the owner's collection
9/1998 - ?/1999 Volker Kleiner, Soest, Germany. Herr Kleiner was the farmer on whose field the bus had broken down
11/1994 - 9/1998
Martin Duggan (The Birds Nest), London SE8 (mobile bar and off license). Taken on a trip to Europe as "The Festival Bus" but soon broke down at Soest in Germany with a blown engine, 6/1998
?/1986 - 11/1994 Robson Road Haulage, Deptford, London, S.E.16 (non-PCV). Overall advert for Holsten Pils
12/1982 - ?/1986 Lambeth Inner City Consultative Group, SW9 (non-PCV)
9/1971 - 12/1982 Eastern National Omnibus Company Ltd. 3016. Converted to H39/31F before entering service
4/1970 - 9/1971 Walter Alexander & Sons (Midland) Ltd. (Alexander Midland) MRT12

SMS42H in 2021
Photo : Mark Telfer
SMS42H in 2014
Photo : Graham Jones
SMS42H in Germany

Photo : From the Internet

Photo required of SMS42H with The Bird's Nest

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SMS42H with Robson Road Haulage

Photo : Ian Hardie

Photo required of SMS42H in NBC green livery

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SMS42H in Tilling green livery with Eastern National
Photo : Adrian Healey
Photo required of SMS42H with Alexander Midland

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