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VRs in Spain & Portugal

Last Updated : December 11th 2022 (NRU307M updated)

The VRs shown on this page were in Spain on the above date. The liveries depicted are the last known to be carried by the individual vehicles. If you know that the livery or location has now changed I would appreciate receiving an email or, better still, a photo which I will add to this page and credit to you. Remember - the site is only as good as the information I receive.

The following VR is in use as a promotional vehicle by Fruti Guagua on Gran Canaria:

NRU307M In 2022
Photo : Patrick Warner

The following VR was used by Peralta Mobiliario Urbano Y Publicidad in Barcelona for publicity events. It was for sale in November 2019:

TWN936S in 2019
Photo : Peralta Mobiliario

The following VR was for sale in a rural location near Oviedo in 2021:

HAH237V in 2021
Photo : From the Internet

The following VR is actively used by The Catalan Bus in Barcelona, both with roof on and roof off:


UWV613S with The Catalan BusUWV613S being converted

Photo : The Catalan Bus

The following VR was at the Playa de las Americas, use unclear, in May 2013:


Photo : Ben Fosker

The following VR was driven across Spain to Tarragona in February 2013:


Photo : Phil Howes

The following VR is with Publiarts, Madrid and was noted in Malaga in August 2017:

KKK887V in 2017
Photo : Alan Cooper

The following VR was exported by More Media, Santander. It was unusual in retaining its centre door and was photographed at Santander Airport in red livery in September 2008. By July 2021 it was at Villa Autos in Villacastin, Segovia in derelict condition and was said to have been there "for at least 6 years":


HUD497W in 2008HUD497W in 2021

Photos : From the Internet, Chris Green

The following VR is owned by the Drowsy Duck pub and has been converted for use as a static bar. It is based at the dockside in Ferrol, Galicia:


Photos : Rob Ball

The following VR was abandoned at a service station in Astorga in October 2008, having broken down when being used by travellers. It was spotted again a year later in Llobregat, near Barcelona having been recovered but covered in graffiti, but it was gone by March 2011. It turned up again in April 2017, this time on the sea front at Badalona. By September 2017 it had been adopted by Skate Agora who repainted it and used it as a control tower:

LEU262P in 2021
Photo : Skate Agora

The following VR is owned by Sarah Ambrose, Tarragona, for resale as an exhibition unit :


Photo : From the Internet

The following VRs are owned by Medios Moviles in Madrid. They have several more VRs in stock as can be seen on their website :

OTO151R with Medios Moviles
Photo : Medios Moviles

Photo : Medios Moviles


Photo : From the Internet

The following VRs are owned by Estubus Publicidad Exterior, Madrid:


UWV613S in 2013

Photo : From the Internet


Photo : Andrew Gainsbury


Photo : Andrew Gainsbury

The following VR is owned by Fashion Store Italia, Valencia:


The following VR is owned by Kite School, Tarifa, Cadiz:

AFJ699T in 2015
Photo : Steve Beames

The following VRs are owned by Oscar Soria Rosina, Pinto, Madrid:

UWV619S in 2016
Photo : David Wilson

Photo : Mark Bennett

FDV837V in 2021
Photo : From the Internet

The following VRs are in Barcelona with Publicidad R.G. (who are said to own up to ten ex-U.K. double deckers):


Photo : Albert Masip


Photo : Albert Masip


Photo : From the Internet

The following VRs are in Mojocar in Spain with an unknown owner. XRR175S was derelict and being vandalised in September 2006:


Photo : Charles Hodkinson

The following VR is owned by Philip Dalston and is used as an immobile caravan in the Algarve, Portugal:


XDL379L in 2014

Photo : Philip Dalston

The following VRs are in Spain, but are at location unknown :


The following VRs were exported to Pro-Fab SL, Cabanas for further distribution in Spain for non-PSV use:


BKE860T in 2018

Photo : Mark Woodgate


The following VR was in a dealer's yard in Mallorca in December 1999, but has since been reported as scrapped:


The following VR is with Senor Muntasser in Malaga, unknown use:


The following VR is with an unknown owner in Spain for use for spare parts:


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