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Southern Vectis

Last Amended : 27th November 2023 (brought up-to-date)

Most Recent Photo Fleet Number Registration Number Chassis and Number Body Make and Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded


Photo : Malcolm Audsley

301 KDL885F RESH2/107 Duple Northern Isle of Wight Bus Museum, Ryde (preserved) October 2022

Photo : Nigel Harris

302 XDL122L RELH4/479 ECW 19874 Terry Hussey, Basingstoke (preserved) November 2023  

Photo : Neil Walding

808 HDL23E RESL1/121 ECW Isle of Wight Bus Museum, Ryde (preserved) September 2022  

Photo : Neil Chilvers

810 HDL25E RESL1/123 ECW  Richard McAllister, Brighouse (preserved)
September 2022
TDL563K in 2019

Photo : Chris Sampson

863 TDL563K RELL3/1527 ECW 19347 Isle of Wight Bus Museum, Ryde (preserved) October 2021
TDL564K in 2022
Photo : Tim Moss
864 TDL564K RELL3/1528 ECW 19348 Tim Moss, Bolton (preserved)
May 2023 Used on private hires by Midland Vectis, Nottingham

Photo : Richard Grantham

867 TDL567K RELL3/1629 ECW 19351 Mike Gallagher, Lincoln (preserved) November 2023  

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