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Toastracks on St Lucia

Last Updated : 29th December 2016 (John Scragg photos added)

Some interesting material has come to light recently of four LD Lodekkas which were converted to a unique "toastrack" configuration in the early 1970s to the order of a customer on the Caribbean island of St Lucia. The May 1971 issue of Buses magazine (published by Ian Allan) has a photo of one of them (not reproduced here for reasons of copyright) but the caption states that it is "an ex-Crosville LD converted by Lustre Engineering of Chichester for Halcyon Days Hotel, St Lucia, West Indies". The identity of the other three is still, as yet, a mystery.

The following photo appeared in a 1976/7 holiday brochure showing the original condition of these conversions:

John Scragg took the following photos in June 1979:

Toast rack Lodekkas in 1979
Toast rack Lodekkas in 1979
Toast rack Lodekka in 1979

By 1981 at least one of them had been chopped down even further, producing a rather odd-looking single decker:

Finally here is a cutting from a contemporary report in a Model Bus Federation newsletter including photos taken showing the LDs in use on St Lucia. Chris Stewart has noticed that three of the LDs are early examples (built in 1954 or 1955) whilst the other one (identified by its sloping profile above the driver's cab window) is a later 1956 onwards model. It is highly likely that the latter example was converted somewhat later than the initial trio:

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