Illustrated History for TRB576F

Chassis: FLF6G 236322 Body: ECW 16998 Series 2 Engine: Gardner 6LX Configuration: H38/32F
Status: Non-PCV     Last Reported: 4/2022

Last updated : September 14th 2022 (brought up-to-date)

c7/2016 - current Inishwallah Café, Inisbofin Island, Republic of Ireland (static café)
by 7/2012 - ?/2016
Bryce Odgers (Eco Bus Cafe), Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Registered 68-C-40002 locally. For continued use as a mobile fast food bar
by 5/1981 - ?/2012
Gledhill (Newvar Fast Foods), Huddersfield. Converted for use as a mobile pizza and fast food bar. Operated under several trading names including "Pennine Pizza" and "Pizza by the Slice". Still there, 3/2012
11/1980 - ?/1981 P Sykes, Barnsley (dealer)
10/1976 - 11/1980 Trent Motor Traction Company Ltd. 748
7/1968 - 10/1976 Midland General Omnibus Company Ltd. 309. Damaged in a turnover accident but repaired and reinstated. Renumbered 748, 10/1972

TRB576F in 2019

Photo : Nick Ross

TRB576F in 2006

Photo : Richard Haughey

TRB576F in 1995
Photo : Paul Haywood
TRB576F in 1987

Photo : Mark Pitman

TRB576F in NBC red livery
Photo : Bill Counter
TRB576F in turnover accident
Photo : Derek Brown Collection
TRB576F in Midland General livery
Photo : Alan Snatt Collection

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