Illustrated History for UVL873M

Chassis: RELL3/1965 Body: Alexander 148Y/2571/8 Engine: Leyland O680 Configuration: B48F
Status: Preserved     Last Reported: 7/2023

   Last updated : July 31st 2023 (brought up-to-date)

Link : Lincolnshire Co-Op gets involved in bus restoration

by 4/2001 - current Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society (for preservation)
by 6/1994 - ?/2001 Tilsley Commercials, Swynnerton (non-PCV). Fitted with a Leyland O600 engine and used to transport a football team. Used as a storeshed but intact, by 4/95. Donated to the LVVS, ?/2001
by 8/1993 - ?/199? ?, ?
by 10/1988 - ?/19?? Denyer, Stondon Massey (dealer). Fitted with a rear hub from LJB421E
by 10/1987 - ?/1988 Webb (Webb of Galleywood), Highwood
?/1983 - ?/198? Bird (Ongar Motors), High Laver
11/1973 - ?/198? Lincoln City Transport Ltd. 73

Photo : Andy Colley

Photo : Mike Nash

Photo : Dave Longbottom

Photo : Ian Chancellor

Photo : Ian Chancellor Collection

Photo : L.V.V.S.

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