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BRISTOL VR 4425 - 4442

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This page lists Bristol VRs 4425 - 4442 operated by West Midlands P.T.E. including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at

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Chassis/Body Type

Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Withdrawn and Sold Notes
TOE425NVRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/761
8/1974 (New)Not known (SCRAPPED)

4426TOE426NVRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/7668/1974 (New)?/1982 (National Welsh HR7446)
4427TOE427NVRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/767 8/1974 (New) ?/1982 (National Welsh HR7447)

4428TOE428NVRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/7738/1974 (New)?/1982 (National Welsh HR7439)
4429TOE429NVRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/781 8/1974 (New) Not known (SCRAPPED)

4430 TOE430N VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/774 9/1974 (New) ?/1982 (National Welsh HR7438)
4431 TOE431N VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/787 8/1974 (New) ?/1982 (National Welsh HR7440)
4432 TOE432N VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/780 9/1974 (New) Not known (SCRAPPED)

4433 TOE433N VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/795 9/1974 (New) ?/1982 (National Welsh HR7441)
4434 TOE434N VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/799 10/1974 (New) ?/1982 (South Wales 901)

4435 TOE435N VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/803 10/1974 (New) Not known (National Welsh)

4436 TOE436N VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/804 10/1974 (New) ?/1982 (National Welsh HR7451)
4437 TOE437N VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/822 10/1974 (New) Not known (SCRAPPED)

4438 TOE438N VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/815 10/1974 (New) ?/1982 (National Welsh HR7442)
4439 TOE439N VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/832 10/1974 (New) ?/1982 (National Welsh HR7452)
4440 TOE440N VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/831 10/1974 (New) ?/1982 (SCRAPPED)
Withdrawn with fire damage, ?/1982
4441 TOE441N VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/842 11/1974 (New) Not known (National Welsh)
4442 TOE442N
VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/841 10/1974 (New)
Not known (SCRAPPED)

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