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BRISTOL VR 4715 - 4729

Last Updated : October 19th 2016 (under construction)

This page lists Bristol VRs 4715 - 4729 operated by West Midlands P.T.E. including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at

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Chassis/Body Type

Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Withdrawn and Sold Notes
JOV715PVRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1155
11/1975 (New)1/1983 (SCRAPPED)

4716JOV716PVRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/115611/1975 (New)6/1987 (Marshall of Leighton Buzzard)

4717JOV717PVRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1157 12/1975 (New) Not known (Watkins of Meliden)

4718JOV718PVRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/115812/1975 (New)Not known (Simmonds of Crawley Down)

4719JOV719PVRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1159 12/1975 (New) 12/1986 (Crosville HVG968)

4720 JOV720P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1160 12/1975 (New) ?/1987 (Coastal Red of Harwich)

4721 JOV721P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1161 12/1975 (New) 12/1986 (Crosville HVG969)
4722 JOV722P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1162 12/1975 (New) 7/1985 (Wright of Wrexham)

4723 JOV723P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1163 12/1975 (New) ?/1987 (Wilts & Dorset 3473)

4724 JOV724P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1164 12/1975 (New) ?/1987 (Wilts & Dorset 3474)
4725 JOV725P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1165 1/1976 (New)
7/1986 (Rapson of Alness)

4726 JOV726P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1166 1/1976 (New) Not known (Cartmell of Burnley)

4727 JOV727P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1167 1/1976 (New) 3/1986 (SCRAPPED)

4728 JOV728P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1168 1/1976 (New) 1/1983 (SCRAPPED)

4729 JOV729P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1169 1/1976 (New) 6/1986 (SCRAPPED)

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