Illustrated History for XFM208

Chassis: LD6G 108166
Body: ECW 7939 Series 2 -
ECW 16054 Series 2
Engine: Gardner 6LW Configuration: H33/27R, H33/27RD
Status: Scrapped     Last Reported: 6/1978

Last updated : December 24th 2018 (page added)

?, ?. Presumed scrapped
6/1956 - 6/1978
Crosville Motor Services Ltd. DLG797. Altered to H33/27RD, ?/1964. Original body destroyed by fire at Rock Ferry. Rebodied by ECW with Series 2 body 16054, ?/1966. The new body was built using the original LD body jigs but with 1966 features such as omitting the beading for the upper cream band

XFM208 in NBC green livery
Photo : John Buchan
XFM208 in Tilling green livery
Photo : BVRES Collection
XFM208 before rebody
Photo : Derek Brown Collection

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