Illustrated History for XVX26

Reregistered AJN120A

Chassis: LD5G 100030
Body: ECW 6654 Series 2
Engine: Gardner 5LW - Bristol AVW
Configuration: H33/25R
Status: Scrapped     Last Reported: 5/1988

Last updated : May 30th 2021 (brought up-to-date)

by 7/1989
?, ? (dealer for scrap)
by 5/1988 - ?/1989
Linkfast, Hadleigh (dealer). Reregistered AJN120A before sale, but not carried. Stripped for spares by Top Deck Travel. Registration retained and used on the owner's vehicle
?/1988 - ?/1988
World Bus Group, Crouch End (non-PCV). Used for several "driving on 2 wheels" exhibitions in connection with "The World Bus" (431FHW). Fitted with reconditioned Bristol engine from Top Deck Travel for the exhibitions. The bus was severely damaged during the event
1/1988 - ?/1988
Spence, Thorpe Bay (dealer)
c1/1975 - 1/1988
?, Chelmsford (non-PCV). Converted for use as a playbus
?/197? - 1/1975
Ford, Althorne
9/1972 - ?/197?
Redland Purle (Eastern) Ltd. Sports & Social Club, Rayleigh (non-PCV). Repainted in company livery of light green and white
1/1955 - 9/1972
Eastern National Omnibus Company Ltd. 1432. Renumbered 2401, 8/1964. Fitted with the Bristol AVW engine from a later LD, 1/1971. Withdrawn 6/1972
3/1954 - 1/1955
The Westcliff-on-Sea Motor Services Ltd. 4227
XVX26 in 1989
Photo : Andy Chapman
XVX26 in 1989
Photo : Andy Chapman
XVX26 in 1982
Photo : Richard Delahoy
XVX26 in 1975
Photo : Richard Delahoy
Photo required of XVX26 with Redland Purle
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Photo required of XVX26 with Eastern National
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