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This page lists Bee Line Buzz Bristol VRs including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at



Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Sold Notes
DVL288 RLG288P VRT/SL3/391 11/1989 (Crosville DVL288) 2/1990 (SCRAPPED)
DVL289 RLG289P VRT/SL3/399 11/1989 (Crosville DVL289) 7/1990 (SCRAPPED)
DVL336 UMB336R VRT/SL3/651 11/1989 (Crosville DVL336) 2/1990 (SCRAPPED)
DVL355 YTU355S VRT/SL3/961 11/1989 (Crosville DVL355) 2/1990 (P.M.T. DVL355)
DVL361 BTU361S VRT/SL3/1155 11/1989 (Crosville DVL361) 7/1990 (SCRAPPED)
DVL366 BTU366S VRT/SL3/1195 11/1989 (Crosville DVL366) 2/1990 (P.M.T. DVL366)
DVL367 BTU367S VRT/SL3/1196 11/1989 (Crosville DVL367) 10/1990 (SCRAPPED)
DVL369 BTU369S VRT/SL3/1198 11/1989 (Crosville DVL369) 7/1990 (SCRAPPED)
DVL381 FTU381T VRT/SL3/1510 11/1989 (Crosville DVL381) 8/1990 (SCRAPPED)
DVL383 FTU383T VRT/SL3/1512 11/1989 (Crosville DVL383) 1/1991 (C Line DVL383)
DVL384 FTU384T VRT/SL3/1521 11/1989 (Crosville DVL384) 2/1990 (SCRAPPED)
DVL389 FTU389T VRT/SL3/1538 11/1989 (Crosville DVL389) 1/1991 (C Line DVL389)
DVL393 FTU393T VRT/SL3/1558 11/1989 (Crosville DVL393) ?/1990 (SCRAPPED)
DVL395 JMB395T VRT/SL3/1747 11/1989 (Crosville DVL395) 2/1990 (Lewis of Carreglefn)
DVL397 JMB397T VRT/SL3/1749 11/1989 (Crosville DVL397) 6/1991 (C Line DVL397) Loaned to Tidworth Silver Star, 6/1990 to 10/1990
DVL398 JMB398T VRT/SL3/1750 11/1989 (Crosville DVL398) 2/1990 (C Line DVL398)
DVL399 JMB399T VRT/SL3/1759 11/1989 (Crosville DVL399) ?/1990 (SCRAPPED)
DVL400 JMB400T VRT/SL3/1760 11/1989 (Crosville DVL400) 2/1990 (SCRAPPED)
DVL413 ODM413V VRT/SL3/1988 11/1989 (Crosville DVL413) 1/1991 (C Line DVL413)
DVL414 ODM414V VRT/SL3/1989 11/1989 (Crosville DVL414) 1/1991 (C Line DVL414)
DVL415 ODM415V VRT/SL3/1990 11/1989 (Crosville DVL415) 1/1991 (C Line DVL415)
DVL416 ODM416V VRT/SL3/1991 11/1989 (Crosville DVL416) 1/1991 (C Line DVL416)
DVL417 PCA417V VRT/SL3/2103 11/1989 (Crosville DVL417) 2/1990 (SCRAPPED)
DVL418 PCA418V VRT/SL3/2104 11/1989 (Crosville DVL418) 1/1990 (SCRAPPED)
DVL428 RLG428V VRT/SL3/2233 11/1989 (Crosville DVL428) 2/1990 (Reilly of Bootle)
DVL429 RLG429V VRT/SL3/2234 11/1989 (Crosville DVL429) 2/1990 (Crosville Wales DVL429)
DVL430 RLG430V VRT/SL3/2235 11/1989 (Crosville DVL430) 2/1990 (P.M.T. DVL430)
DVL437 RMA437V VRT/SL3/2280 11/1989 (Crosville DVL437) 2/1990 (North Western 548)
DVL443 RMA443V VRT/SL3/2311 11/1989 (Crosville DVL443) 2/1990 (P.M.T. DVL443)
DVL487 WTU487W VRT/SL3/2805 11/1989 (Crosville DVL487) 2/1990 (P.M.T. DVL487)
DVL488 WTU488W VRT/SL3/2806 11/1989 (Crosville DVL488) 2/1990 (P.M.T. DVL488)
DVL489 WTU489W VRT/SL3/2807 11/1989 (Crosville DVL489) 2/1990 (P.M.T. DVL489)
DVL490 WTU490W VRT/SL3/2808 11/1989 (Crosville DVL490) 2/1990 (P.M.T. DVL490)
DVL491 WTU491W VRT/SL3/2809 11/1989 (Crosville DVL491) 2/1990 (P.M.T. DVL491)
DVL494 WTU494W VRT/SL3/2812 11/1989 (Crosville DVL494) 2/1990 (P.M.T. DVL494)
DVL570 OCY909R VRT/SL3/629 11/1989 (Crosville DVL570) 1/1991 (C Line DVL570)
DVL571 OCY915R VRT/SL3/740 11/1989 (Crosville DVL571) 1/1991 (C Line DVL571)
1468 CJO468R VRT/SL3/836 1/1991 (Midland Red North 1847) 9/1991 (C Line DVG468)
1847 RWT547R VRT/SL3/480 4/1991 (Midland Red North 1847) 8/1991 (C Line DVG547)
1851 AYG851S VRT/SL3/1438 3/1991 (Midland Red North 1851) 9/1991 (C Line DVG851)
1871 WTU471W VRT/SL3/2698 5/1991 (Midland Red North 1871) 6/1991 (C Line DVG471)
1878 WTU478W VRT/SL3/2789 5/1991 (Midland Red North 1878) 6/1991 (C Line DVG478)

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