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This page lists Crosville Bristol VRs including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at



Chassis/Body Type

Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Sold Notes
VRT/SL3/2605 10/1980 (New) 2/1990 (P.M.T. 2465)
DVG466 WTU466W VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2693 12/1980 (New) 9/1986 (Crosville Wales DVG466)
DVG467 WTU467W VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2694 12/1980 (New) 9/1986 (Crosville Wales DVG467)
DVG468 WTU468W VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2695 12/1980 (New) 9/1986 (Crosville Wales DVG468)
DVG469 WTU469W VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2696 12/1980 (New) 9/1986 (Crosville Wales DVG469)
DVG470 WTU470W VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2697 12/1980 (New) 9/1986 (Crosville Wales DVG470)
DVG471 WTU471W VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2698 12/1980 (New) 11/1989 (Midland Red North 1871)
DVG472 WTU472W VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2699 12/1980 (New) 1/1990 (North Western 569)
DVG473 WTU473W VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2700 12/1980 (New) 9/1986 (Crosville Wales DVG473)
DVG474 WTU474W VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2751 1/1981 (New) 9/1986 (Crosville Wales DVG474)
DVG475 WTU475W VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2754 1/1981 (New) 9/1986 (Crosville Wales DVG475)
DVG476 WTU476W VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2755 1/1981 (New) 9/1986 (Crosville Wales DVG476)
DVG477 WTU477W VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2756 1/1981 (New) 9/1986 (Crosville Wales DVG477)
DVG478 WTU478W VRT/SL3/6LXC ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2789 2/1981 (New) 11/1989 (Midland Red North 1878)
DVG479 WTU479W VRT/SL3/6LXC ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2790 2/1981 (New) 1/1990 (North Western 570)
DVG480 WTU480W VRT/SL3/6LXC ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2791 2/1981 (New) 1/1990 (North Western 571)
DVG481 WTU481W VRT/SL3/6LXC ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2792 2/1981 (New) 2/1990 (P.M.T. 2481)
DVG482 WTU482W VRT/SL3/6LXC ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2793 2/1981 (New) 2/1990 (P.M.T. 2482)
DVG483 WTU483W VRT/SL3/6LXC ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2794 2/1981 (New) 2/1990 (P.M.T. 2483)
DVG484 WTU484W VRT/SL3/6LXC ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2795 3/1981 (New) 11/1989 (Midland Red North 1884)
DVG485 WTU485W VRT/SL3/6LXC ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2796 2/1981 (New) Not known (S.U.T.)
DVL486 WTU486W VRT/SL3/501 ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2804 2/1981 (New) 1/1989 (SCRAPPED) Withdrawn following an accident, 1/1989
DVL487 WTU487W VRT/SL3/501 ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2805 2/1981 (New) 11/1989 (Bee Line Buzz DVL487)
DVL488 WTU488W VRT/SL3/501 ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2806 2/1981 (New) 11/1989 (Bee Line Buzz DVL488)
DVL489 WTU489W VRT/SL3/501 ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2807 2/1981 (New) 11/1989 (Bee Line Buzz DVL489)
DVL490 WTU490W VRT/SL3/501 ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2808 2/1981 (New) 11/1989 (Bee Line Buzz DVL490)
DVL491 WTU491W VRT/SL3/501 ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2809 2/1981 (New) 11/1989 (Bee Line Buzz DVL491)
DVL492 WTU492W VRT/SL3/501 ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2810 2/1981 (New) 11/1989 (North Western 560)
DVL493 WTU493W VRT/SL3/501 ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2811 2/1981 (New) 11/1989 (North Western 561)
DVL494 WTU494W VRT/SL3/501 ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2812 2/1981 (New) 11/1989 (Bee Line Buzz DVL494)
DVL495 WTU495W VRT/SL3/501 ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2813 2/1981 (New) 4/1988 (S.U.T. 73)
DVL496 WTU496W VRT/SL3/501 ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2825 2/1981 (New) 11/1989 (North Western 562)
DVL497 WTU497W VRT/SL3/501 ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2826 3/1981 (New) 11/1989 (North Western 563)
DVL498 WTU498W VRT/SL3/501 ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2827 3/1981 (New) 9/1986 (Crosville Wales DVG498)
DVL499 WTU499W VRT/SL3/501 ECW H43/31F VRT/SL3/2828 3/1981 (New) 1/1990 (North Western 549)

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