Illustrated History for CTM415T

Reregistered 5536AP, HFG298T

Chassis: LHS6L LHS/342 Body: Plaxton 788BC038 Engine: Leyland O401 Configuration: C33F
Status: Independent     Last Reported: 6/2010

Last updated : October 16th 2018 (brought up-to-date)

by 9/1995 - current Woolley, Llanedwen (for spares)
10/1994 - ?/199? Thomas, Llanddulas
8/1992 - 10/1994 Prestatyn Coachways, Meliden. To service, by 6/1993
7/1992 - 8/1992 Wealdon, Five Oak Green
5/1988 - 7/1992 Rodemark (Autopoint), Herstmonceaux. Reregistered 5536AP, 6/1988. Reregistered HFG298T, 6/1992
2/1982 - 5/1988 Hazeldine, Bilston
?/19?? - 2/1982 Granby (Granby Travel Services), Granby
1/1979 - ?/19?? H.T.Horlock & Son (Horlock's), Northfleet

CTM415T in 2010

Photo : Steve Simister

Photo needed of CTM415T with Prestatyn Coachways
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Photo needed of CTM415T with Autopoint
Can you help with a photo? 
CTM415T with Hazeldine

Photo : Lee Allen

Photo needed of CTM415T with Granby
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CTM415T with Horlock
Photo : Frans Angevaare

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