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Last Amended : 24th March 2024 (brought up-to-date)

Most Recent Photo Original Owner Registration5 Number Chassis and Number Body Make and Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded



   Barlow of Oldham
TBU760G LH/244 Plaxton 693489 Unknown owner in Leek April 2006 Converted for use as a transporter
UTD283H in 2016
Photo : Teapotcircus
Lancashire United
Northern Counties
Unknown owner in Mid Wales
April 2016
UTD295H in 2018
Photo : Frans Angevaare
Lancashire United UTD295H
Northern Counties
ADM squat, Amsterdam, Holland
December 2018
 CUT730K in 2015
Photo : Mike Schmidt
Wheatcroft, Leicester (freight business) CUT730K LH/582 Duple Unknown owner in Wesel, Germany January 2018 Built new as a car transporter

Photo : John Hitchings

Hutchings & Cornelius, of South Pemberton GYC160K LH/605 ECW 19689 Richard Aldous, Winchester (preserved) December 2023 Restored in Hutchings & Cornelius livery
  Ivory of Tetbury EBU877K LH/618 Plaxton Unknown owner in North Nottinghamshire February 2009 Converted for use as a caravan. Stored in derelict condition
NWW163K in 2018

Photo : eBay

Robinson of Great Harwood NWW163K LH/620 Plaxton 729251 Wizard Steve, ?, East Sussex (non-PCV)
November 2023 Undergoing conversion for use as a caravan 
GDE374L in 2016

Photo : Traveller Dave

Silcox of Pembroke Dock GDE374L LH/658 Plaxton Jacob Foster, ?, Cornwall (non-PCV) March 2022 Converted for use as a motor home
HJF233N in 2016

Photo : Adrian Brown

Leicester Convalescent  HJF233N LH/1017 Duple Mike James, Tamworth (preserved)
April 2018

Photo : Simon Jennings

Gill of Wadebridge JAF635N LH/1044 Plaxton Unknown owner near Kittwhistle, Somerset April 2023 Derelict in the back garden of a cottage
  Richardson of London KVD449N LH/1046 Plaxton 7510BC022M Unknown owner - exported from the U.K. January 2000  
   Wallace Arnold of Leeds
HWU82N LH/1054 Plaxton 7510BC001 Burrows, Ogmore Vale March 1997 Acquired by the Burrows family for conversion to a caravan
  Silcox of Pembroke Dock LDE165P LH/1254 Duple Malta Bus Route May 1997  
  Duckworth of Gisburn
77LK16 (ex-ACW100R) LH/1257 Plaxton Abbey Coaches, Abbeyfeale, Republic of Ireland April 1988  

Photo : eBay

Billies of Mexborough
KIW3765 (ex-PKU330R) LH/1258 Plaxton Unknown owner in New Buckenham, Norfolk December 2006  

Photo : Tony Barfield

Jones of Carmarthen
NDE916R LH/1309 ECW 22384 Hayward, Carmarthen (preserved) July 2022  

Photo : Anthony's Bus Homepage

Boon of Boreham  WJN22S LH/1417 Plaxton 7810BCM001 Malta Bus Route May 2011 Registered FBY048 locally. Severely damaged in an accident, 17/5/2011


  RKP709G with Andrews
Photo : Andrew Bagshaw
 Jones of Deal
LTU204G (ex-RKP709G, 121DAT) LHL/114 Plaxton Andrews, Tideswell June 2001 Converted for use as a stock car transporter
GLF552J in 2009

Photo : Andy Baldwin

Golden Miller of Feltham GLF552J LHL/178 Plaxton Unknown owner in Swinton June 2009 Converted for use as a transporter

Photo : Richard Sinclair

Robinson of Great Harwood EAW752L (ex-XTF468L, 4731PJ)) LHL/211 Plaxton 733163 Robbie Pict, Dunvegan, Isle of Skye March 2015 Mobile home. For use by a touring band
GNM235N in 2020
Photo : Dan Shears
Richardson of London GNM235N LHL/222 Plaxton 7511BC002 Dan Shears, Winkleigh (preserved) September 2020

Photo : Barry Smithies

Richardson of London UAR929M LHL/226 Plaxton 7411BC005 Martin ?, ? (non-PCV) January 2023 To be converted for use as a caravan
 TDU539R in 2002
Photo : Dave Beardmore
DeLuxe of Mancetter
TDU539R LHL/253 Plaxton Unknown owner in the U.K. June 2002 Converted for use as a caravan. Advertised for sale for 15000, 10/2001
  Lofty's of Mickle Trafford AEF785A (ex-DCA767S, FXU355, FSF236S) LHL/257 Plaxton Unknown owner in Spain February 2005 Converted for use as a mobile home
   Cox of Wallasey
78C152 (ex-OHF968S) LHL/264 Plaxton 7811BCM010 Kells Transport Museum, Cork, Republic of Ireland (preserved)
August 2010 Fitted with a vertical Bedford 500-series engine
   Taylor of Meppershall
78LK21 (ex-ANK56S) LHL/265 Plaxton Abbey Coaches, Abbeyfeale, Republic of Ireland May 1988  

Photo : eBay

Mancini of Redbourn
FKX279T LHL/270 Plaxton 7811BCM008 Reeves, Biddenden September 2007 Converted for use as a transporter. Disused at Moorfields Industrial Estate, by 2/2003. For sale on eBay, 9/2007


HAX399N in 2020

Photo : Dave Preston

R.I. Davies of Tredegar HAX399N (ex-AOR631A, HAX399N) LHS/177 Duple 566/6700 Dave Preston, Presteigne (preserved) February 2020
GHH256N in 2003
Photo : Colour Classics  
Yeowart of Whitehaven OIB1084 (ex-GHH256N, FTG873, FTG567, JOK234N) LHS/178 Plaxton 758BC001 Unknown travellers in the U.K. (caravan)
December 2003 Noted on the A170 between Whitby and Pickering

Photo : Nick Webster

Richmond of Epsom GNM232N LHS/192 Plaxton758BC003M R Brenchley, Canvey Island (preserved)
March 2012 Kept at Castle Point Transport Museum

Photo : Lucy Branch

Thomas of Llangadog HTH518N LHS/198 Duple Lucy Branch, Meldon, near Okehampton September 2013 Used as a static caravan

Photo : Adrian Brown

Thornes of Bubwith 74 LBT380N (ex-LBT380N, KKH101N, WRL270, JCV385N) LHS/202 Plaxton Thornes, Hemingbrough 74 June 2018

Photo : Dave Beardmore

 Parks of Hamilton
418WHI (ex-JHS720N) LHS/212 Plaxton 758BC020 Corrymore, Bagenalstown, Republic of Ireland March 2006 For spares

Photo : Barratt Executive

James of Llangeitho 75-LK-539 (ex-HEJ337N, SMK828, FAO61N, LHH744, FAO69N) LHS/214 Plaxton 758BX504M Barratt Executive, Cappamore, Republic of Ireland (preserved) August 2022 Refurbished with tables and a food servery
 RGF231P in 2022
Photo : Keith Dickerson
Richmond of Epsom RGF231P LHS/251 Plaxton 

Ben James, Appleton Roebuck (preserved)

February 2024
    Price of Halesowen
VAB839R LHS/259 Plaxton 768BC012 Unknown owner in the U.K. November 2005 Last with Taw & Torridge, Merton

Photo : Dave Beardmore

Brecks International of Rotherham PHL454R LHS/262 Plaxton York Pullman Bus Company March 2024  
  Parks of Hamilton  ROP541R (ex-RYS943R, YSU953, ROP541R, 884CCV, PJI6085) LHS/264 Plaxton 768BC001 Hall, Kennoway January 2004

Photo : BerresfordMotors

Grey Green of London N16 ??????? (ex-MUL688P, CAZ6900) LHS/268 Duple 666/6700 Ivor Lucas, Kingsley(preserved) December 2019 Stored awaiting restoration

Photo : Brian George

Harvey of Mousehole PCV178R LHS/303 Marshall Unknown owner in the U.K. (mobile home) May 2014  

Photo : Richard Gilmore

Thistle of Doncaster RHE987R LHS/304 Plaxton  Richard Gilmore, Plymouth (preserved) January 2011  

Photo : Dave Beardmore

Hodge of Sandhurst PPE663R LHS/308 Plaxton Wilby, Hibaldstow November 2017 Withdrawn by 4/1993. Derelict, by 4/2004
Body of TPC250S in 2006Chassis of TPC250S in 2006

Photos : Geoff Meek

 Hodge of Sandhurst TPC250S LHS/309 Plaxton Stove, Deerness, Orkney August 2006 Body removed from chassis and used as a potting shed
   Grey Green of London
ELZ1442 (ex-SYU735S) LHS/311 Plaxton  Convery, Belaghy, Republic of Ireland May 2002 Derelict, by 5/2002

Photo : Dave Beardmore

Lunn of Rothwell 41 AFG476S (ex-YWW356S, UCF742) LHS/318 Plaxton 788BC013 Gordon Birch, Southampton (preserved) August 2004  
ASU510S in 2015
Photo : Craig Schofield
Southern of Barrhead
Plaxton 788BC014
Unknown owner in Metheringham
April 2015
Converted for use as a caravan

Photo : eBay

Gash, Newark BR4 WWB987S (ex-WNN572S, YHE91) LHS/320 Plaxton  Rivercourt Coaches, Dublin, Republic of Ireland November 2008  
   Stewart of Dalmuir
HIL9344 (ex-GGE16S) LHS/321 Plaxton 788BC016 Apple Blossom Travel, Armagh, Northern Ireland January 1997  

Photo : eBay

Miller of Foxton NIL5377 (ex-TCE131S, 533FN) LHS/325 Plaxton 78BCC011 John Hitchins, Bristol (preservationist for spares) September 2008 Engine and gearbox fitted to GYC160K

Photo : Steve Bunce

Eassons Coaches of Southampton HCG58S LHS/327 Plaxton 788BC007 Swift & Como, Ryde, Isle of Wight December 2003 Heavily used for spares, by 12/2003
  Skill of Nottingham
? (ex-ATV2T) LHS/328 Plaxton  Shaughnell Youth Club, Maghera, Northern Ireland (non-PCV) October 2001  
  Duckworth of Gisburn LFV920T LHS/332 Plaxton 788BC021 British Steel, Shotton (non-PCV) January 2000 Used for internal transport
  Pilcher of Chatham  78-DL-117 (ex-AKN921T) LHS/333 Plaxton Unknown farmer in Donegal, Republic of Ireland January 1997 Used as a shed
  Park of Hamilton
EUS267T LHS/335 Plaxton 788BC022 Unknown owner in Portugal February 2000 Converted for use as a caravan
VWS975T in 2011
Photo : Alex K
Roman City of Bath
Wilby, Hibaldstow
November 2017
Derelict with fire damage

Photo : Steve Simister

Horlock of Northfleet HFG298T (ex-CTM415T, 5536AP) LHS/342 Plaxton 788BC038 Woolley, Llanedwen June 2010 Acquired for spares

Photo : Paul Forbes

Southern of Barrhead JSU342T LHS/343 Plaxton 788BC040 Midway, Llangeinor September 2001 Used as a seat store, by 9/2001
PRO439W in 2021
Photo : Kevin Gannon
Skinners of Oxted PRO439W LHS/361 Plaxton 808BC001 Stuart Jones, Holbeach (preserved)
March 2024 Restored in Independent Coachways livery
  British Airways, Heathrow 81OY85 (ex-RLN228W) LHS/365 Plaxton Piltown Coaches, Piltown, Republic of Ireland January 1997  
  Jones of Minera WJI2832 (ex-GFM663X) LHS/367 Plaxton 828BSS5X502 Glew, Colchester March 2004 Withdrawn by 3/2004
RLN230W in 2017

Photo : Steve Thorpe

British Airways, Heathrow 673RHY (ex-RLN230W) LHS/370 Plaxton Reuben Hayward, Aberystwyth July 2019 Caravan
RLN231W converted for use as a caravan
Photo : Traveller Dave
British Airways, Heathrow RLN231W (ex-RLN231W, PJI4713) LHS/371 Plaxton 818BC002 Gary Rawlinson, Shanklin, Isle of Wight November 2015 Caravan

Photo : eBay

Cooper of Audenshaw NVU816W LHS/375 Plaxton 808BC005 Unknown owner in Appleby, Cumbria May 2007 Converted for use as a caravan. For sale on eBay, 5/2007
   Courtlands of Horley
LXR958 (ex-SFP828X, UIB4589) LHS/385 Plaxton 818BC010 Brandon, Blackmore End December 2002 Brandon had a depot fire in 2003 and sold to Fargo, Rayne - no report of this LHS since

Photo : Peter Relf

Richmond of Epsom MIL9372 (ex-XGO225W) LHS387 Plaxton 818BC008 Millington, Streetly July 2006  
Stokes of Carstairs ESU815X LHS/388 Plaxton 828BSS5X501 Talisman, Great Bromley October 2017  
XFP836Y in 2021
Photo : Simon Gard
Newham Health Authority  XFP836Y (ex-XFP836Y, 6804VC)
LHS/389 Duple Southbourne Buses, Wimborne July 2021 For sale, 7/2021

Photo : Keith Newport

Collis of Bedminster
PAF162X (ex-GOU912X, ERL671) LHS/392 Plaxton 818BC009 K N Minibus, Shrewsbury July 2008 Withdrawn 7/2008
   Johnson of Stanford
DNK583Y LHS/393 Plaxton 828BSS5C010 Welham Travel, Welham Green May 2006  
   Johnson of Stanford 83KY9 (ex-DNK584Y) LHS/394 Plaxton O'Leary, Castlecove, Republic of Ireland January 1997  
   Courtlands of Horley
VJI4012 (ex-UFX628X) LHS/399 Plaxton 828BSS5C005 Unknown owner in the U.K. March 2004  

Photo : Mark Bennett

Bicknell of Godalming  HIL8445 (ex-SPJ60X) LHS/405 Plaxton 828SS5C009 Webber, Minehead May 2004 Withdrawn  by 5/2004
  Richmond of Epsom XGO225W (ex-XGO225W, MIL9372) LHS/387 Plaxton 818BC008 Andy Goddard, West Ewell (preserved)
June 2003

Photo : Adrian Fleming

Bere Regis of Dorchester CLJ413Y LHS/408 Plaxton  Stuart Shelton, Tettenhall (preserved) June 2019  

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