Illustrated History for KRU236F

Chassis: FLF6L 236187 Body: ECW 16173 Series 2 Engine: Leyland O600 Configuration: H38/32F
Status: Exported     Last Reported: 6/2013

Last updated : January 2nd 2018 (brought up-to-date)

6/2013 - current
Unknown owner in Russia
by 6/2004 - 6/2013
Sachsische Oldtimer Busflotte, Leipzig, Germany
3/1981 - ?/???? Martin, Middlewich (dealer)
?/1967 - 3/1981 Hants & Dorset Motor Services Ltd. 1562. Renumbered 1259, 9/1971

KRU236F in 2013
In June 2013 it began a new adventure, being transported by low loader to Russia where its fate is currently unknown

Photo : Robert Niblett

By July 2010 it had been rebuilt with an offside entrance and the nearside door panelled over

Photo : Sachsische Oldetimer Busflotte

Seen in Germany more than 20 years later in a very similar livery

Photo : Busspotter

Photographed in Southampton in 1980

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