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Lodekkas in Europe

Last Updated : May 9th 2024 (brought up-to-date)


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Original Owner

Local Registration Marks

First Export Owner

Date Current/Scrapped
LD6B 100005 MWR618 West Yorkshire DX2 96-87-EB (NL)
DD-85039 (DK)
?/1972 (Unknown owner in Holland)
Current 6/2021 (Christina Hembo, Herning, Denmark)
LD6B 100074KMW916Wilts & Dorset 604
12/1983 (Autobang, Valby, Denmark)No subsequent reports
LD6B 100077 RFM429 Crosville ML684
10/1971 (Gene-Electra, Brussels, Belgium)  No subsequent reports
LD6B 100078 RFM430 Crosville ML685
?/1970 (Gene-Electra, Brussels, Belgium) No subsequent reports
LD6B 100093 RFM433 Crosville ML688 543-PX-75 (FR) (photo)
6970-WJ-22 (FR) (photo)
CB-221-GF (FR) (photo) (photo)
10/1971 (Gene-Electra, Brussels, Belgium) Current 9/2023 (Unknown owner in Gaillac, France)
LD6G 100108 KDL412 Southern Vectis 516 U/L (NL)
4/1976 (Heineken Brewery, Leiden, Holland) Current 11/2021 (Heineken Brewery, Leiden, Holland)
LD6B 100112 RFM436 Crosville ML691
10/1971 (Gene-Electra, Brussels, Belgium) Current 6/1988 (Unknown owner in Aix-en-Provence, France)
LD6B 100113 RFM437 Crosville ML692
?/1970 (Gene-Electra, Brussels, Belgium)  No subsequent reports
LD6B 100119 RFM443 Crosville ML698
10/1971 (Gene-Electra, Brussels, Belgium) Current 1/2010 (Christophe Mesmacre, Yvre L'Eveque, France)
LD6B 100157 RFM461 Crosville ML716
?/1970 (Gene-Electra, Brussels, Belgium) 2/2007 (SCRAPPED)
LD6B 100179
Crosville ML718 (photo) (photo) (photo)
?/1975 (Unknown owner in Germany)
Current 9/2022 (Unknown owner in Serbia)
LD6B 100180
West Yorkshire DX12

?/1970 (Unknown owner in France)
No subsequent reports
LD6B 104072 LWN49 United Welsh 1254 EIN-PS-7H (GE)
1/1974 (Unknown owner in Germany) Current 10/2021 (PS Speicher, Einbeck, Germany)
LD6G 104088 NSG244A (ex-GCS245) Western S.M.T. 1159 BO-04105 (GE) (photo) (photo)
by 2/2004 (Autohaus Amrein, Koblenz, Germany) Current 2/2020 (Restaurant See Nami, Bochum, Germany)
LD6G 104097 GCS254 Western S.M.T. 1168 ME-94371 (GE) 3/1976 (Unknown owner in Germany) Current 6/2021 (Marlene & Leon Thomsen, Aalborg, Denmark)
LD6B 104140 RTT997 Southern National 1878
9/1976 (Unknown owner in Amsterdam, Holland) Current 3/1979 (Unknown owner in Amsterdam, Holland)
LD6G 108003 LDL720 Southern Vectis 521 U/L (NL) 4/1976 (Heineken Brewery, Leiden, Holland) Current 11/2021 (Heineken Brewery, Leiden, Holland)
LD6G 108005 LDL722 Southern Vectis 523 KB-1717 (GE)
10/1975 (Coca-Cola, Essen, Germany) Current 7/2008 (Dimitri Palsev, Moscow, Russia)
LD6G 108010 LDL724 Southern Vectis 525
1/1976 (City Express, Munich, Germany) Current 3/1979 (City Express, Munich, Germany)
LD6G 108034 LDL737 Southern Vectis 538 (photo) (photo) (photo)
?/1993 (Unknown owner in Moscow) Current 1/2019 (Unknown owner in Moscow, Russia)
LD6B 108075 RLJ510 Hants & Dorset 1360 8750-BS-45 (FR) (photo)
?/1981 (Motorcycle Club, Orleans, France) Current 9/2022 (Circuit d'Orleans, Sougy, France)
LD6B 108077 RTT968 Western National 1889 (photo) (photo) (photo)
?/1976 (Paul's Music Center, Bruges, Belgium) Current 3/1993 (Unknown owner in France)
LD6B 108168 NBE132 Lincolnshire 2329 59-51-MB (NL)
73-36-XB (NL) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo)
11/1976 (Amsterdam Marriott Hotel, Amsterdam, Holland) Current 4/2024 (Buitenspel Evergem Recreation Centre, Ghent, Belgium)
LD6B 108231 OWX174 West Yorkshire DX30 VN-36-51 (NL)
17-TB-77 (NL)
?/1974 (Beyer, Hoofdorp, Holland) Current 2/2023 (Piet Verbeek, Wijk en Aalborg, Holland)
LD6B 116029 TUO503 Southern National 1902 L-10-600 (AT)
LL-624-GD (AT)
LL-898-EN (AT)
5/1977 (Hofer, Linz, Austria) Current 10/2019 (FEEL Events, Linz, Austria)
LD6B 116084 TUO506 Southern National 1905 48-03-ZB (NL) (photo) (photo)
7/1976 (Beeldbank, Groningen, Holland) Current 7/2012 (Milano, Dordrecht, Holland)
LD6G 116105
Thames Valley 751

6/1975 (Unknown owner in Holland)
No subsequent reports
LD6G 116131
Southern Vectis 542 EJH-091 (LT)
?/2010 (Urmas Trade Town, Kaunas, Lithuania)
Current 8/2014 (Urmas Trade Town, Kaunas, Lithuania)
LD6G 116147 MDL955 Southern Vectis 545 DT-66570 (DK)
5/2005 (Helle Iversen, Tarm, Denmark) Current 7/2019 (Lønne Familie Restaurant, Lonne, Denmark)
LD6G 120001
MDL956 Southern Vectis 546 CH-51-64 (DK) (photo)
C-160 (DK) (photo)
2/1978 (Travelling Rijk High School, Ulfborg, Denmark) Current 7/2022 (Peter Nygaard Larsen, Borup, Denmark)
LD6B 120054 SRU981 Hants & Dorset 1368 BE-78-80 (NL)
11/2013 (Kennis, Budel, Holland) Current 6/2021 (Unknown owner in Holland)
LD6G 120057 WHY947 Bristol Omnibus L8394 BE-57-16 (NL)
BE-17-11 (NL)
Not known (Mart Leek, Amsterdam, Holland) Current 8/2019 (Mart Leek, Amsterdam, Holland)
LD6B 120073 UOD478 Western National 1924 HSK-HP-855 (GE)
5/1977 (Travelling Rijk High School, Ulfborg, Denmark) Current 7/2019 (Mario Hochmuth, Oberhausen, Germany)
LD6G 120086 WHY954 Bristol Omnibus L8401
6/1976 (Unknown owner in Holland) No subsequent reports
LD6B 120103 UOD489 Southern National 1906 1132-WF-22 (FR) (photo) (photo)
11/1976 (Pertoka, Zurich, Switzerland) Current 7/2021 (La Godille Restaurant, Porz Hir, Brittany, France)
LD6B 120105 UOD491 Southern National 1908 FB-RH-54H (GE) (photo) (photo)
6/1977 (Hofer, Linz, Austria) Current 6/2023 (Randy's Doppeldeckerbus, Bad Vilbel, Germany)
LD6B 130003 508HTW Eastern National 1507
Not known (Unknown owner in Austria) Current 8/1985 (Binder-Brot, Linz, Austria)
LD6G 130011 OHR123 Wilts & Dorset 622
2/1984 (Autobang, Valby, Denmark) Current 12/2023 (Knud Hansen, Lunde, Denmark)
LD6B 130041 UOD480 Western National 1926
7/1976 (Bouquesel, Paris, France) Current 8/2008 (Unknown owner near Nantes, France)
LD6B 130124UOD483Western National 19295/1977 (Travelling Rijk High School, Ulfborg, Denmark)No subsequent reports
LD6B 130125 UOD484 Western National 1930 H-2735-BBB (SP)
4/1990 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain) Current 12/2019 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain)
LD6B 130131 UOD487 Western National 1933
5/1977 (Hofer, Linz, Austria) Current 2/2017 (FEEL Events, Linz, Austria)
LD6B 130133
Hants & Dorset 1385
03-56-ZB (NL) (photo) (photo) (photo) 10/1975 (Kleyn Trucks, Vuren, Holland
Current 1/2021 (Zorgboerderij De Mikkelhorst, Haren, Holland)
LD6B 130142 UOD503 Southern National 1920
5/1995 (Kelly Family, Munich, Germany) Current 7/2019 (Buccara, Bad Honnef, Germany)
LD6G 130147 ODL10 Southern Vectis 550 51-RB-06 (NL) (photo)
9/1978 (Kleyn Trucks, Vuren, Holland) Current 3/2024 (Unknown owner in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany)
LD6G 130159 JSD937 Western S.M.T. 1301
3/1976 (Unknown owner in Germany) No subsequent reports
LD6G 134006 ODL13 Southern Vectis 553 39-VB-06 (NL)
BH-25-GJ (NL) (photo)
9/1978 (Kleyn Trucks, Vuren, Holland) Current 4/2021 (Unknown owner in Weesp, Holland)
LD6B 134085 886CFM Crosville ML904 (photo) (photo)
?/1975 (Unknown owner in France) Current 10/2021 (Cebrail Kaya, Saarbrucken, Germany)
LD6G 134093 JSD954 Western S.M.T. 1318
4/1975 (A.S.B.L., Brussels, Belgium) No subsequent reports
LD6G 134137 UEL709 Hants & Dorset 1388
4/1987 (Villa Real Estate, Salzburg, Austria) Current 4/2011 (Rita Gussenbauer, Vienna, Austria)
LD6B 134154 YHT932 Bristol Omnibus LC8439 BE-43-42 (NL) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) 11/1996 (Simon Landers Tizard, ?, Holland) Current 5/2022 (Stichting Dierenlot, Arkel, Holland)
LD6G 134235 SAX989 Red & White L657
?/1978 (Unknown owner in Germany) Current 2/2020 (Unknown owner in Weingarten, Germany)
LD6G 134237 ODL14 Southern Vectis 554 BS-78-TK (NL)
9/1978 (Kleyn Trucks, Vuren, Holland) Current 10/2020 (Joey Kelly, Lohmar, Germany)
LD6G 138054 ODL15 Southern Vectis 555
9/1978 (Roda Vintage Transport, Arnhem, Holland) Current 11/2021 (David Cerny, Prague, Czech Republic)
LD6G 138097 UEL723 Hants & Dorset 1402 AJX830 (SW) (photo)
Not known Current 3/2017 (MacDonalds, Västerås, Sweden)
LD6G 138105
Southern Vectis 557
(photo) (photo)
12/1996 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain)
Current 1/2021 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain)
LD6G 138113 VDV782 Southern National 1948
?/1984 (Autobang, Valby, Denmark)
Current 9/2022 (BusBus, Copenhagen, Denmark)
LD6G 138183 287HFM Crosville DLG951
?/1988 (Rapold, Neuhausen, Switzerland) Current 3/2020 (Events5XL, Thayngen, Switzerland)
LD6B 138221997GHNUnited Auto BL32
3/1977 (Bilcenter AB, Gothenburg, Sweden)4/1989 (SCRAPPED)
LD6G 138254 296HFM Crosville DLG960
?/1994 (Unknown owner in Germany) Current 8/2020 (Joey Kelly, Lohmar, Germany)
LD6G 138265 MCS750 Western S.M.T. 1461
8/1976 (Gene-Electra, Brussels, Belgium) No subsequent reports
LD6G 138276 MCS756 Western S.M.T. 1467
Not known (Gene-Electra, Brussels, Belgium) Current 5/2021 (L'Instant, Laon, France)
LD6G 138287 MCS762 Western S.M.T. 1473 (photo)
Not known (Unknown owner in France) Current 3/2019 (DBS Automotive, Laval, France)
LD5G 150013 SFU314 Lincolnshire 2360
12/1975 (Kleyn Trucks, Vuren, Holland) Current 4/2018 (Paintball Twente, Hengelo, Holland)
LD6B 150084 826CHU Bristol Omnibus LC8501
6/1977 (Hofer, Linz, Austria) Current 8/2020 (Johnny's Pub, Vienna, Austria)
LD6G 150126 MCS774 Western S.M.T. 1485
7/1975 (Schmidt, Krems, Austria) No subsequent reports
LD6G 150146 SDL267 Southern Vectis 562 13V-1947 (CZ)
11/1998 (Kadlec, Prague, Czech Republic) Current 12/2023 (Unknown owner in the Czech Republic)
LD6G 150171 504BTA Western National 1952
?/1997 (Vladek Mimadz, Lubliana, Slovenia) No subsequent reports
LD6B 150185 XAO604 Cumberland 396 (photo)
3/1974 (Unknown owner in Switzerland) Current 11/2020 (Ben Stuk, Bern, Switzerland)
LD6B 150245 990EHW Bristol Omnibus LC8533
6/1977 (Hofer, Linz, Austria) Current 6/1984 (Unknown owner in Vienna, Austria)
LD6B 150260 XAO608 Cumberland 400 1036-WB-95 (FR) (photo)
3/1976 (Pompes-Guinard, Courbevoie, France) Current 5/2022 (D Day Location, Longueville, Normandy, France)
LD6G 154004 994EHW Bristol Omnibus LC8539
4/1976 (Unknown owner in Germany) No subsequent reports
LD6G 154031
YRU65 Hants & Dorset 1426 DN70583 (DK)
DT61505 (DK)
GEL-UH-76H (GE) (photo) (photo)
11/1983 (Autobang, Valby, Denmark)
Current 6/2022 (?, Gelsenkirchen, Germany)
LD6G 154040 434FHW Bristol Omnibus L8544 BJ-68-DS (NL)
10/1983 (Unknown owner in Holland) Current 3/2017 (Markus Rothenbücher, ?, Germany)
FS6B 155030 RPN10 Brighton, Hove & District 10
12/1990 (Londag, Basserdorf, Switzerland) Current 6/2008 (Londag, Basserdorf, Switzerland)
FS6G 155050 308PFM Crosville DFG27 B-PZ-0998 (SP)
9015CGT (SP)
?/1995 (Unknown owner in Germany) Current 7/2020 (Street Trucks, Leganes, Spain)
FS6G 1550805670ELHants & Dorset 144310/1977 (Unknown owner in Germany)No subsequent reports
FS6B 155087 SPM21 Brighton, Hove & District 21 ZH487258 (CH)
TŰ-FY-60H (GE)
(photo) (photo)
4/1991 (Londag, Basserdorf, Switzerland) Current 4/2024 (Oliver Frey, Kusterdingen, Germany)
FS6B 155090 SPM22 Brighton, Hove & District 22
?/1991 (Londag, Basserdorf, Switzerland) 4/2014 (Preserved)
LD6G 163030 OCS65 Western S.M.T. 1561
3/1976 (Unknown owner in Germany) Current 9/2019 (Global Actum, Innsbruck, Austria)
FS6G 166027 5678EL Hants & Dorset 1451
?/1982 (Unknown owner in France) No subsequent reports
FSF6B 167012 712JHY Bristol Omnibus 6013
7/1978 (Unknown owner in Italy) No subsequent reports
FSF6G 167017 504BRM Cumberland 407 14-19-FB (NL) 4/1974 (Beyer, Hoofdorp, Holland) Current 8/2020 (Piet Verbeek, Veen, Holland)
FSF6G 167043 728JHY Bristol Omnibus 6031
9/1977 (Krekelberg, Bemelin, Holland) No subsequent reports
FSF6G 167044 729JHY Bristol Omnibus 6032
10/1977 (Not known) ?/1992 (SCRAPPED)
FL6G 168010 10AAX Red & White L1060
6/1988 (Caneva Sports Centre, La Zie Sul Garda, Italy) Current 6/2019 (Movieland Park Studios, Lazise, Italy)
FL6G 168020 OVL488 Lincolnshire 2393
11/1978 (Vianen, ?, Holland) Current 4/2019 (Jean-Luc Herminne, Stavelot, Belgium)
FLF6G 169033 90TVX Eastern National 2710 PO-2640-W (SP)
6/1996 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain) Current 6/2016 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain)
FLF6G 169047 472FTT Western National 1973
3/1982 (Theisse, Paris, France) Current 1/1994 (Unknown owner in Paris, France)
FLF6G 169048 465FTT Western National 1977
6/1984 (Kontiki Reisen, Neuhausen, Shaffhausen, Switzerland) Current 7/2019 (Göttinger Verkehrsbetriebe mbh, Göttingen, Germany)
LD6G 177043 RAG402 Western S.M.T. 1636 (photo)
5/1977 (Rollei Cameras, Braunschweig, Germany) No subsequent reports
LD6G 177045 RAG404 Western S.M.T. 1638 H-2734-BBB (SP)
?/1992 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain) Current 6/2016 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain)
LD6G 177070 RAG412 Western S.M.T. 1646
11/1977 (Doubledeck Tours, ?, Belgium) No subsequent reports
FS6G 178002
Bristol Omnibus 8577
7/1982 (Unknown owner in Germany)
Current 3/2024 (Jean Knein, Zülpich, Germany)
FS5G 178007 1117PW Eastern Counties LFS17
11/1978 (Alen, Brussels, Belgium) Current 4/2018 (Alen, Brussels, Belgium)
FS6B 178011 2028YG West Yorkshire YDX129 BH-50-XZ (NL)
1/1976 (Kleyns Trucks, Vuren, Holland) by 10/2006 (SCRAPPED)
FS6G 178042 4382LJ Hants & Dorset 1459 H-1953-BBB (SP)
4/1991 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain) Current 1/2021 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain)
FS6G 178044 4384LJ Hants & Dorset 1461 LEV-W904H (GE)
7/1994 (Der Blickfang, Cologne, Germany) Current 8/2019 (Bayer Leverkusen Football Club, Leverkusen, Germany)
FS6B 178054 2031YG West Yorkshire YDX132 BE-35-26 (NL)
1/1976 (Kleyns Trucks, Vuren, Holland) 8/2010 (SCRAPPED)
FSF6G 179021 806MHW Bath Electric Traction 6041
?/1995 (Unknown owner in Croatia) Current 1/2018 (Oldtimer Museum Presecki, Hrvatska, Croatia)
FSF6G 179022801MHWCheltenham District 60368/1979 (Unknown owner in Germany)No subsequent reports
FSF6B 179027 873VFM Crosville DFG63
4/1979 (Unknown owner in Germany) No subsequent reports
FSF6B 179028 874VFM Crosville DFG64 NOH-CR-33 (GE) (photo) (photo)
4/1979 (NVB Nordhorner Versorgungsbetriebe GmbH, Nordhorn, Germany) Current 10/2020 (Autohaus Nagel, Birkenfeld, Germany)
FLF6B 181030 900VFM Crosville DFB90 OCC722 (B)
?/1979 (Unknown owner in Belgium)
Current 11/2018 (Frank Bellens, Lokeren, Belgium)
FLF6B 181066 818MHW Bristol Omnibus 7023
Not known (Cedric Overmeer, ?, Switzerland) Current 3/2005 (Unknown owner in Mainland Europe)
FLF6G 181083 138HUO Western National 1992
8/1987 (Unknown owner in Hilden, Germany) No subsequent reports
FLF6B 181120 185XNO Eastern National 1607 (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo)
6/1977 (Verbuyt, St Niklaas, Belgium) Current 3/2020 (Yohan Battais, Bassenge, Belgium)
FS6B 196013 950BWR West Yorkshire KDX136
?/1977 (Unknown owner in Aachen, West Germany) Current 9/2022 (Red Bang Bus, Weissenhorn, Germany)
FS6G 196037 XPM41 Brighton, Hove & District 41  (photo)
?/1992 (Der Blickfang, Cologne, Germany) Current 4/2018 (ASV Koln, Cologne, Germany)
FS6G 196046 1EWO Red & White L162 A-CY-431 (GE)
A-047587 (GE)
(photo) (photo) (photo) (photo)
3/1978 (Unknown owner in Germany) Current 4/2024 (Roland Link Catering, Augsburg, Germany)
FSF6G 197026 892VFM Crosville DFG82
?/1987 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain) Current 6/2016 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain)
FL6B 198003 558BNG Eastern Counties LFL58 BE-21-03 (NL) (photo)
?/1994 (Unknown owner in Holland) Current 9/2022 (Piet Verbeek, Wijk en Aalborg, Holland)
FL6G 198004
Hants & Dorset 1207
8/2011 (Feste Divertenti, Rome, Italy)
Current 5/2023 (Feste Divertenti, Rome, Italy)
FL6G 198006 7684LJ Hants & Dorset 1209
by 1/1994 (Unknown owner in France) No subsequent reports
FL6B 198012
Eastern Counties LFL59

?/1987 (Unknown owner in Denmark)
Current 11/2020 (Peter Bomberg, Dragør, Denmark)
FLF6G 199043 EOO579 Eastern National 2737 NA-V38923 (IT) (photo) (photo)
10/1984 (Giorgio, Rome, Italy) Current 12/2021 (Autorally S.R.L., Naples, Italy)
FLF6B 199072 804KDV Western National 1999 BE-21-77 (NL) (photo) (photo)
4/1995 (Stairway Promotions, Assen, Holland) Current 10/2017 (Watze Dammingh, Marknesse, Holland)
FLF6B 199097 529VRB Midland General 514 (photo)
1/1993 (Londag, Basserdorf, Switzerland) Current 3/2022 (Londonbus Bar & Beyond, Basle Switzerland)
FLF6B 199098 530VRB Midland General 515 MA-0067-N (SP)
4/1980 (Tivoli World, Arroyo de la Miel, Spain) Current 7/2023 (Unknown owner on Tenerife, Spain)
FLF6G 199112 TCS174 Western S.M.T. 1726
?/1995 (Weitzel, Celle, Germany) Current 12/2011 (Weitzel, Celle, Germany)
FLF6G 199124 TCS181 Western S.M.T. 1733
7/1978 (DeVoog, Leiden, Holland) Current 11/2010 (Mart Leek, Monnickendam, Holland)
FLF6G 199173 JWC711 Eastern National 2751 PAF-LB-54H (GE)
1/1994 (Der Blickfang, Hannover, Germany) Current 5/2022 (Creaktiv Marketing, Gerolsbach, Germany)
FS6G 205006 683AAM Wilts & Dorset 645 VN-36-51 (NL) (photo)
BE-36-38 (NL) (photo) (photo)
?/1980 (Streamline, Hilversum, Holland) Current 11/2019 (TenderOne Events, Ommen, Holland)
FS6G 205014 RAG409 (ex-6EWO) Red & White L662
by 1/1996 (Unknown owner in Amsterdam, Holland) Current 10/2002 (Mart Leek Collection, Amsterdam, Holland)
FS6B 205039 691AAM Wilts & Dorset 653 79-DB-25 (NL)
6/1977 (Van Wijk, Leeuwarden, Holland) Current 8/2020 (Piet Verbeek, Veen, Holland)
FS6B 205040 692AAM Wilts & Dorset 654 BB-15-VF (NL)
6/1977 (Van Wijk, Leeuwarden, Holland) Current 11/2021 (Cafe Me, Paphos, Cyprus)
FS6B 205042 694AAM Wilts & Dorset 656 98-GB-37 (NL)
5/1979 (Ten Cate, Amsterdam, Holland) Current 9/2020 (ECP Events, Ridderkerk, Holland)
FLF6G 208010 813KDV Western National 2008 SH5078 (CH)
AG-504804 (CH) (photo)
7/1990 (Scheider & Spedition, Theyngen, Switzerland) Current 9/2022 (Londonbus Holziken, Holziken, Switzerland)
FLF6B 208020 248MNN Mansfield District 352 (photo)
8/1988 (CSI Rieti, Rieti, Italy) 8/1994 (CSI Rieti, Rieti, Italy)
FLF6B 208029520OHUBristol Omnibus C7077
6/1980 (LeNesh, Paris, France)No subsequent reports
FLF6B 210013 RWC607 Eastern National 1640 ENH-1313-H (GE) (photo)
?/1997 (Der Blickfang, Hannover, Germany) NCurrent 9/2022 (Big Ben Bistro, Wiesmoor, Germany)
FLF6G 210068 987KOO Eastern National 1651
11/1982 (Unknown owner in France) Current 9/1996 (Unknown owner in the Cote d'Azur, France)
FLF6B 210086 KGH891A (ex-804SHW) Bristol Omnibus C7111 (photo)
12/1996 (7 Hills Camping, Rome, Italy) Current 6/2023 (7 Hills Camping, Rome, Italy)
FLF6B 210087 805SHW Bristol Omnibus C7112
c1990 (Unknown owner in Italy) Current 5/2013 (Sartoria Mobile, Sarravalle Scrivia, Italy)
FS5G 214065 NWR297A (ex-68DNG) Eastern Counties LFS68 BE-20-61 (NL)
?/1995 (Stairway Promotions, Girton, Holland) Current 6/2023 (David-Jan Baan, Giessenburg, Holland)
FS5G 214082
Eastern Counties LFS70

?/1982 (Unknown owner in Germany)
Current 5/1992 (Unknown owner in Hamburg, Germany)
FS5G 21408472DPWEastern Counties LFS72
(photo)?/1982 (Unknown owner in Darmstadt, Germany)Current 10/1984 ((Unknown owner in Darmstadt, Germany)
FS6B 214100 AAP52B Brighton, Hove & District 52
10/1979 (P Pouzet, Vierzon, France) No subsequent reports
FS6G 214125 AAX21B Red & White L763 167-CY-197 (RU) (photo) (photo) (photo)
?/2005 (Gallaghers Cigarettes, Moscow, Russia) Current 10/2021 (Drivebus, Moscow, Russia)
FS6G 214131 EDS406B (ex-4225FM) Crosville DFG155 HD-RL-630H (GE)
OL_EP-31H (GE) (photo) (photo)
?/1992 (Unknown owner in Germany) Current 9/2022 (Eiscafe Paulini, Ganderkesee, Germany)
FS6G 214132 4226FM Crosville DFG156 KLE-C-912 (GE) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) 10/1981 (Unknown owner in Germany) Current 4/2023 (All 4 Event, Weeze, Germany)
FS6G 214186 BXA462B Fife Scottish MRD187 (photo) (photo) (photo)
?/2005 (Gallaghers Cigarettes, Moscow, Russia) Current 3/2023 (Drive Bus, Moscow, Russia)
FLF6G 217008 VCS354 Western S.M.T. 1800 FUT848 (BE)
Not known Current 4/2019 (Axel de Sadeleer, Etterbeek, Belgium)
FLF6B 217050 995KOO Eastern National 1659
?/1979 (Unknown owner in France No subsequent reports
FLF6G 217074 815SHW Bristol Omnibus G7122
10/1983 (Unknown owner in Belgium) 7/2012 (SCRAPPED)
FLF6B 217077 937LWC Eastern National 1663
12/1978 (Rondelli & Poli, San Giovanni, Italy) Current 1/1984 (Unknown owner in Rome, Italy)
FLF6B 217093 818SHW Bristol Omnibus 7125 KLE-C-913 (GE)
?/1988 (Londag, Zurich, Switzerland) Current 5/2021 (All 4 Event, Weeze, Germany)
FLF6B 217113 1392R Midland General 631
4/2008 (Unknown owner in Italy) Current 9/2011 (Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, Novara, Italy)
FLF6B 217115 428PTA Southern National 2048 BG-LP-44 (NL)
by 5/1998 (Prins Classic, Opijnen, Holland) Current 8/2021 (Hans van den Bor, Maarsbergen, Holland)
FLF6B 217126 828SHW Bristol Omnibus C7135 OG-ML-747H (GE) (photo)
5/2007 (Unknown owner in Sassenburg, Germany) Current 10/2020 (Markus Lobreyer, Ettenheim, Germany)
FLF6G 217133 XCS950 Western S.M.T. 1929 FYE803 (BE)
11/1980 (Van Geel Francais, Antwerp, Belgium) Current 1/1998 (Hannes, Vlasmer, Belgium)
FLF6G 217158 XCS961 Western S.M.T. 1940
2/1986 (Venneman, Kinrooi, Belgium) Current 12/2019 (Rene Fassbender, Bremen, Germany)
FLF6B 217166 832SHW Bristol Omnibus C7139
6/1977 (Harry Putz, Ettelbruck, Luxembourg) Current 4/2019 (Ettelbruck Camping, Ettelbruck, Luxembourg)
FLF6G 217188 AAG119B Western S.M.T. 1951 03-MB-85 (NL) (photo) (photo) (photo) 7/1978 (De Jong, Leiden, Holland) Current 1/2023 (Showtime, Delden, Holland)
FLF6G 217189AAG120BWestern S.M.T. 195211/1978 (Promobus, Waterloo, Belgium)Current 7/1980 (Promobus, Waterloo, Belgium)
FLF6B 217195 836SHW Bristol Omnibus 7143
Not known Current 1/1998 (Unknown owner in Chamonix, France)
FLF6B 217198 AFM113B Crosville DFB150 89-ZB-03 (NL)
8/1978 (Unknown owner in Holland)
Current 7/2023 (Diana Sauna, Rotterdam, Holland)
FS5G 223023 BNG886B Eastern Counties LFS86 BE-15-54 (NL)
2/1993 (London Party Bus Company, Maastricht, Holland) Current 8/2020 (Piet Verbeek, Veen, Holland)
FS6B 223032 AAX24B Red & White L1063 AB-HW-370 (GE)
FR-360-426 (CH)
12/1985 (Weitz, ?, Germany) Current 9/2023 (Institut Les Peupliers, Fribourg, Switzerland)
FS6B 223084 BRU138B Hants & Dorset 1508
?/1977 (Haverkort Meubelen, Coevorden, Holland) Current 4/2017 (City Lounge, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina)
FS6B 223109 DAP64C Brighton, Hove & District 64
9/1986 (Unknown owner in Assenza, Italy) Current 6/2019 (Movieland Park Studios, Lazise, Italy)
FS5G 223112 DNG401C Eastern Counties LFS101 PO-93C (PO)
?/1991 (Wlodarczyk Electronics, Warsaw, Poland) Current 8/2019 (Interconsult, Poznan, Poland)
FS6B 223140ENJ68CBrighton, Hove & District 686/1977 (Swijsen-Schepers, Kuringen, Belgium)No subsequent reports
FS5G 223145 ENG109C Eastern Counties LFS109 (photo) (photo)
7/1983 (Unknown owner in France) Current 4/2021 (Unknown owner in France)
FLF6G 224002 AAG125B Western S.M.T. B1957
Not known (Unknown owner in France) Current 2/2008 (Jean-Pierre Bourreau, ?, Brittany, France)
FLF6B 224009 BVX675B Eastern National 2799 SE-BW-9556 (SP)
?/1981 (Pank, Hoogerheide, Holland) Current 12/2019 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain)
FLF6G 224025 BVX681B Eastern National 2805 HD-FP-808H (GE) (photo)
3/1989 (Non-PCV) Current 10/2020 (Fody's Restaurants, Ketsch, Germany)
FLF6G 224051 AAE263B Bristol Omnibus 7158 BCU-228-H (GE)
HH-M-2348-H (GE)
(photo) (photo) (photo) (photo)
9/1992 (Unknown owner in Germany)
Current 11/2021 (Unknown owner in Germany)
FLF6B 224061 FWC427B Eastern National 2809 CC-400-CL (FR)
3/1982 (O Poncin, Billancourt, France) Current 3/2024 (Red Connection Restaurant, St Nazaire, France)
FLF6G 224072 GNO788B Eastern National 2812
?/1997 (Der Blickfang, Hannover, Germany) Current 7/2015 (Hochgeladen Mobile Event Marketing, Ennepetal, Germany)
FLF6G 224075 GNO791B Eastern National 2815 461-ETN-75 (FR) (photo) (photo)
6/1982 (Octobus S.A.R.L., Paris, France) Current 11/2021 (Unknown owner at La Ciotat, France)
FLF6B 224097 AHY981B Bristol Omnibus 7165 GR79000 (CH)
BE-623104 (SP)
(photo) (photo)
12/1984 (Londag, Basserdorf, Switzerland) Current 9/2019 (Circuit Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
FLF6G 224101 HEV994B Eastern National 2816
4/1993 (Sound Prop, Budapest, Hungary) Current 9/2008 (Cervimp, Budapest, Hungary)
FLF6G 224103 HEV996B Eastern National 2818 FAZ457 (BE)
by 8/1982 (Unknown owner in Belgium) Current 4/2019 (Axel de Sadeleer, Etterbeek, Belgium)
FLF6G 224105 BUO150B Western National 2075 S-CHIFF-1 (GE)
by 2/2006 (Sandra Hruby, ?, Austria) Current 7/2018 (Dr Erich Berer, Salzburg, Austria)
FLF6B 224108 DNU16C Notts & Derby 636 ZA-501-CK (IT) (photo)
12/1990 (Proget Promozioni, Torino, Italy) Current 5/2008 (Unknown owner in Verona, Italy)
FLF6G 224109
Western National 2054
H-1769-BBB (SP) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo)
Not known (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain)
Current 1/2019 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain)
FLF6G 224118 BHU401C Bristol Omnibus 7172 VEC-CC-99H (GE) (photo)
10/1983 (Unknown owner in Belgium) Current 7/2017 (Artland Drachen Express, Quakenbruck, Germany)
FLF6G 224119
Bristol Omnibus 7173
12/1985 (Unknown owner in Germany)
No subsequent reports
FLF6G 224122 BNN292C Mansfield & District 449 (photo) (photo)
?/1997 (Cologne Carnival Committee, Cologne, Germany) Current 3/2022 (Cologne Carnival Committee, Cologne, Germany)
FLF6B 224132 JHK455C Eastern National 2823 BE-48-36 (NL) (photo)
1/2000 (Prins Classic Transport of Opijnen, Holland) Current 2/2024 (Kasper Ott, Nijmegan, Holland)
FLF6G 224167
Western National 2083
10/1984 (Deesroot, Spijkenisse, Holland)
No subsequent reports
FLF6G 224182 BDV267C Western National 2059
by 5/1995 (Aubert Voyages SA, Savigny, Switzerland) Current 1/2003 (Riviera Voyages, Vevey, Switzerland)
FS6G 228049 FVF422C Eastern Counties LFS122
Not known (Octobus S.A.R.L., Paris, France) Current 1/1991 (Unknown owner in France)
FLF6G 229007 CSG22C (tow wagon) Eastern Scottish AA22
?/1999 (Prins Classic, Opijnen, Holland) 10/2002 (SCRAPPED)
FLF6G 229036 CSG28C Eastern Scottish AA28 BE-288-LA (IT) (photo)
Not known Current 12/2020 (Unknown fashion house in Florence, Italy)
FLF6B 229061 CHT541C Bristol Omnibus C7198 PFM861 (BE) (photo)
4/2000 (Frank Bruyninckx, Kapellen, Belgium) Current 5/2024 (Frank Bruyninckx, Kapellen, Belgium)
FLF6B 229085 DEL891C Hants & Dorset 1521 S-557-PJ (AU)
11/1995 (Der Blickfang, Hannover, Germany) Current 4/2019 (Babylon Nightclub, Vienna, Austria)
FLF6B 229087
DEL893C Hants & Dorset 1523
?/2014 (De Raekt Investments, Budel, Holland)
Current 1/2022 (Verbeek, Wijk en Aalborg, Holland)
FLF6G 229124 BOD33C Western National 2091 (photo)
Not known (Unknown owner in Italy) Current 11/2008 (Rosticceria Pepito, Scafati, Pompeii, Italy)
FLF6G 229128 BOD35C Western National 2093
12/2000 (Unknown owner in Belgium) Current 4/2017 (Paintball-Games Venhorst, Boekel, Holland)
FLF6G  229129 BOD36C Western National 2094 BJ-19-JZ (NL)
BE-57-35 (NL)
Not known (Mart Leek Collection, Amsterdam, Holland) Current 5/2017 (Mart Leek, De Rijp, Holland)
FLF6G 229132 DAL306C Mansfield District 651
?/1978 (Antwerp Puma Ltd., Antwerp, Belgium) Current 3/2020 (All Bus, Vaulx-en-Velin, France)
FLF6G 229137 DHT784C Bath Tramways 7204 AG15821 (CH)
ZH99817 (CH)
?1984 (Londag, Wadenswil, Switzerland) Current 3/2020 (Unknown owner in Belgium)
FLF6G 229140 BOD24C Southern National 2064
?/1991 (Unknown owner in Belgium) Current 5/2013 (Miss Titi, Charleroi, Belgium)
FLF6G 229146 LWC663C Eastern National 2837
by 1/2004 (Vector Group, Monfalcone, Italy) Current ?/2011 (Vector Group, Udine, Italy)
FLF6G 229150
Thames Valley D22
BE-28-29 (NL)
?/1996 (Stairway Promotions, Assen, Holland)
Current 5/2018 (MPK Czestochowa, Czestochowa, Poland)
FLF6G 229161 DHW984C Bristol Omnibus 7214 XUO388 (FI)
?/1984 (Unknown owner in Stockholm, Sweden) Current 8/2023 (Sten Johansson, Inkoo, Finland)
FLF6G 229173 EHT109C Cheltenham District 7220 (photo)
6/1984 (Bols Drinks, Zurich, Switzerland) Current 3/2020 (Events5XL, Thayngen, Switzerland)
FLF6G 229176 FPM75C Brighton, Hove & District 75
Not known (Antique Auto, Kapellen, Belgium) Current 1/2005 (Antique Auto, Kapellen,Belgium)
FLF6B 229178 MVX879C Eastern National 2842
10/1982 (Unknown owner in Charleroi, Belgium) Current 5/2021 (L'Ecole de l'Alliance, Charleroi, Belgium)
FLF6G 229181 EHT110C Cheltenham District 7221
9/1986 (Londag, Wadenswill, Switzerland) Current 11/2017 (Sachsische Oldtimer Busflotte, Leipzig, Germany)
FLF6B 229186 BOD26C Southern National 2066
?/1979 (Antique and Classic Car, Hoofddorp, Holland) Current 4/2021 (Controversy Tram Inn, Hoogwoud, Holland)
FLF6G 229191 EHT113C Bristol Omnibus 7224 (photo)
by 3/2002 (Publibus, Meeuwen-Gruitrode, Belgium) Current 12/2023 (Robert Fox, Meissen, Germany)
FLF6G 229200 MVX885C Eastern National 2848
6/1982 (Unknown owner in West Germany) Current 11/1997 (The Kelly Family, Cologne, Germany)
FLF6G 228182 EEL891C Hants & Dorset 1528 BE-41-05 (NL) (photo)
SO-EE-65H (GE) (photo) (photo)
?/1999 (Unknown owner in Holland) Current 9/2023 (Bucher Bus Emil, Welver, Germany)
FLF6G 229202 EEL894C Hants & Dorset 1531 ZH-99817 (CH) (photo) (photo) (photo) 10/1985 (F Kundig, Zurich, Switzerland) Current 7/2023 (Londag, Basserdorf, Switzerland)
FLF6G 229208 CFE231C Lincolnshire 2532
?/1995 (Unknown owner in Holland) 2/2011 (Preserved)
FLF6G 229219 EHT858C Bristol Omnibus 7237
10/1988 (B & B Worldwide Productions, Lanaken, Belgium) Current 1/2003 (Bronckaers NV, Genk, Belgium)
FLF6G 229226 NTW944C Eastern National 2851
2/1981 (Unknown owner in Paris, France) Current 6/2003 (Unknown owner in Montagnac, France)
FLF6G 229239 EHW191C Bristol Omnibus 7239 BE-38-68 (NL)
6/1995 (Unknown owner in Belgium) Current 11/2018 (David-Jan Baan, Giessenburg, Holland)
FLF6G 229243 FHT16D Bristol Omnibus 7241
Not known Current 5/1995 (Antique Auto, Antwerp, Belgium)
FS6G 230025 JFM220D Crosville DFG220
3/2000 (David Buijs, Weeze, Germany) 9/2019 (Preserved)
FS6B 230034 MWT804D West Yorkshire DX215
5/1988 (Chateau d'Ax, Lentate sul Seveso, Italy) Current 10/2021 (Chateau d'Ax, Lentate sul Seveso, Italy)
FS6G 230064KBD716D United Counties 716GF-GB-65 (GE)
DE-026KJ (IT)
?/1992 (Heinrich Wulfes, Sassenburg, Germany)Current 2/2021 (Idee in Fiera, Rome, Italy)
FS6G 230065 KBD717D United Counties 717 M-DR-7083 (CH)
8/1991 (Londag, Basserdorf, Switzerland) Current 10/2021 (Partybus Austria, Timelkam, Austria)
FS6G 230067 JFM234D Crosville DFG234 BE-21-78 (NL)
?/2001 (Simon Landers-Tizard, ?, Holland) Current 12/2020 (Factor 12, Heeswijk-Dinther, Holland)
FS6G 230068 JFM235D Crosville DFG235 AG-316410 (CH) (photo) (photo) (photo)
?/1991 (Heinrich Wulfes, Sassenburg, Germany) Current 4/2024 (Pascal Frehner, Aarau, Switzerland)
FLF6G 231001 EGM273C Central S.M.T. BL273
7/1980 (Valentine Varnish & Lacquer, Barcelona, Spain) Current 1/2017 (Maspubli, Valdemoro, Spain)
FLF6G 231004 EGM276C Central S.M.T. BL276
?/1996 (Jork Hoffman, ?, Germany) Current 10/2018 (Heinrich Wulfes, Hamburg, Germany)
FLF6G 231018 GPW4421D Eastern Counties FLF442
9/1990 (Piccadilly Tours, Winterthur, Switzerland) Current 8/2022 (Balz Halbheer, Zurich, Switzerland)
FLF6G 231019 OVX296D Eastern National 2852 XKM980 (FI)
(photo) (rear)
9/1980 (Liikenne Makela Ky Ahtari. ?, Finland) Current 8/2021 (Miljoona Tivoli, Tuuri, Finland)
FLF6G 231020 OVX297D Eastern National 2853
?/1996 (Mart Leek, Amsterdam, Holland) Current 3/2023 (Pim Consent, Bakel noord-Brabant, Holland)
FLF6G 231022
Thames Valley D29
HER-AG-10 (GE)
5/1994 (Der Blickfang, Hannover, Germany) Current 7/2019 (Anton Graf Reisen, Herne, Germany)
FLF6G 231031
Thames Valley D31 (photo) (photo)
5/1994 (Creaktiv Marketing, Munich, Germany Current 9/2022 (Creaktiv Marketing, Munich, Germany)
FLF6B 231053 OPU825D Eastern National 2756 732-DPR-75 (FR) (photo) (photo)
3/1981 (Transam, Paris, France) Current 2/2008 (Jean-Pierre Bourreau, ?, Brittany, France)
FLF6B 231055 FLJ154D Hants & Dorset 1537 (photo) (photo)
6/1990 (Euromotors, Canino, Italy) Current 5/2023 (Latuaserata, Rome, Italy)
FLF6G 231064 FHW157D Bristol Omnibus C7252
11/2003 (Publibus, ?, Belgium) Current 10/2015 (Maximal GmbH, Berlin, Germany)
FLF6G 231068 GRX132D Thames Valley D32 (photo) (photo) (photo) 7/1994 (Unknown owner in Germany) Current 12/2022 (Unknown owner in Russia)
FLF6B 231071 FHW160D Bristol Omnibus C7255 ZH561006 (CH)
?/2007 (Piccadilly Tours, Winterthur, Switzerland) Current 8/2022 (Piccadilly Tours, Winterthur, Switzerland)
FLF6G 231073 FHY128D Bristol Omnibus 7258 MRZ393 (SW)
6/1984 (Unknown owner in Stockholm, Sweden) Current 11/2018 (Kiroan AB, Tvååker, Sweden)
FLF6G 231075 OPU822D Eastern National 2757 ZH-254-044 (CH)
9/1988 (Londag, Basserdorf, Switzerland) Current 12/2018 (Londag, Zurich, Switzerland)
FLF6B 231078
Western National 2104
4/2017 (Londynski Autobus, Warsaw, Poland)
Current 3/2022 (Londynski Autobus, Warsaw, Poland)
FLF6G 231104 GAE883D Bristol Omnibus C7262
1/1994 (Unknown owner in Germany) Current 7/2019 (Heinrich Wulfes, Hamburg, Germany)
FLF6G 231113 FGM316D Central S.M.T. BL316
12/1982 (Europa International, Diegem, Belgium) Current 4/2019 (Bus 2 Be, Lobbes, Belgium)
FLF6G 231120 HPW450D Eastern Counties FLF450
5/1992 (Ferencek, Sobota, Slovenia) Current 5/2022 (Unknown owner in Ljubljana, Slovenia)
FLF6G 231128 DFE171D Lincolnshire 2716 (photo)
c1995 (Upper Austria Festival of Regions, ?, Austria) Current 10/2020 (Autohaus Nagel, Birkenfeld, Germany)
FLF6G 231140 EDV517D Western National 2105 0-AYB-678 (BE) (photo) (photo) (photo)
2/1987 (Riba, Kinrool, Belgium) Current 3/2022 (Camping de la Semois, Sainte Cecile, Belgium)
FLF6B 231142 (photo) (photo) EMR292D Wilts & Dorset 676
11/1991 (Le Maire De Redon, Redon, France) Current 9/2023 (Les Circaciers, Redon, France)
FLF6B 231143 RHK344D Eastern National 2859
11/1982 (Unknown owner in Belgium) No subsequent reports
FLF6B 231150 RHK345D Eastern National 2860
9/1991 (Belbus, Charleroi, Belgium) 8/2010 (Exported to an unknown owner in U.S.A.)
FLF6G 231157 JAH551D Eastern Counties  FLF451 BE-17-51 (NL)
2/1993 (London Party Bus, Maastricht, Holland) Current 5/2021 (Piet Verbeek, Veen, Holland)
FLF6G 231165 HAE275D Bristol Omnibus C7266
12/1982 (Odegaardens Bilruter, Porsgrunn, Norway) Current 1/1999 (Halvorsen, Disenaa, Norway)
FLF6G 231167 HAE276D Bristol Omnibus 7267 H-2736-BBB (SP) (photo) (photo)
3/1992 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Iberia, Spain) Current 8/2022 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain)
FLF6G 231168 HAE277D Bristol Omnibus G7268
by 6/1991 (Unknown owner on Tenerife, Spain) Current 2/2012 (Angel Molina, Pamplona, Spain)
FLF6B 231174 EDV521D Western National 2109 KPM309 (BE) (photo)
?/1995 (Antique Auto, Brasschaart, Brussels, Belgium) Current 11/2021 (Booze Stop, Westerlo, Belgium)
FLF6G 231188 JPW456D Eastern Counties FLF456
5/1986 (VIP-Rigelle, Melle, Belgium) 1/2019 (Preserved)
FLF6G 231190 JPW458D Eastern Counties FLF458 9462-WWA-75 (FR) (photo)
4/1985 (Kontiki Reisen, Shaffhausen, Switzerland) Current 1/2009 (Unknown owner in France)
FLF6G 231191 JPW459D Eastern Counties FLF459 454-JSK-75 (FR)
9/1991 (Octobus SARL, Paris, France) Current 2/2022 (Benny Wachtel, Hoykemkamp, Germany)
FLF6G 231196 JPM80D Brighton, Hove & District 80
4/1996 (7 Hills Camping, Fusina, Italy) No subsequent reports
FLF6G 231199 HHW459D Cheltenham District 7276 1231-ZR-77 (FR)
c?/1984 (Transam, Paris, France) Current 7/2017 (Publibus, Lezardrieux, Brittany, France)
FLF6B 231203 EMR293D Wilts & Dorset 677 BE-35-44 (NL)
?/1998 (Heineken Brewery, Hertogenbosch, Holland) Current 5/2017 (Heineken Brewery, Hertogenbosch, Holland)
FLF6G 231208 JNU985D Midland General 665
12/1990 (Londag, Basserdorf, Switzerland) Not known (SCRAPPED)
FLF6G 231241 GSG208D Eastern Scottish AA208
12/1996 (Camping Fusina, Venice, Italy) Current 3/2022 (Camping Fusina, Venice, Italy)
FLF6G 231247 KAH461D Eastern Counties FLF461
6/1984 (Kontiki Reisen, Shaffhausen, Switzerland) Current 10/2020 (Royal London Bus, Leipzig, Germany)
FLF6G 231252 STW763D Eastern National 2875
12/1996 (7 Hills Camping, Rome, Italy) Current 4/2016 (7 Hills Camping, Rome, Italy)
FLF6G 231254 STW765D Eastern National 2877 H-1952-BBB (SP)
?/1996 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain) Current 4/2011 (Movil Bus, Vigo, Spain)
FLF6G 231255 KAH463D Eastern Counties FLF463
12/1991 (Vinther, Aarhus, Denmark) No subsequent reports
FLF6G 231264 KAH467D Eastern Counties FLF467 BIR-ET-1H (GE) (photo)
3/1986 (Blienel, ?, West Germany) Current 4/2022 (Stefan Morsch Stifnung, Birkenfeld, Germany)
FLF6G 231265 KAH468D Eastern Counties FLF468 K-302-PC-98 (RU)
X106-XO-124 (RU)
A075-EY-124 (RU)
(photo) (photo)
?/2002 (Unknown owner in Russia) Current 1/2021 (Guria Travel Food, Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
FLF6G 231266 EMR295D Wilts & Dorset 679
?/2000 (Philipp Nordmann, Gutersloh, Germany) Current 6/2022 (Thorsten Sievers, Itzehoe, Germany)
FLF6B 231302 JHW67E Bristol Omnibus C7299
Not known (Unknown owner in Switzerland) No subsequent reports
FLF6G 231313 KNG471D Eastern Counties FLF471 GI-BB-430 (GE)
MR-792A (UKR)
?/1989 (Unknown owner in Germany) Current 5/2012 (Unknown owner in Donetsk, Ukraine)
FLF6G 231316 SVX277D Eastern National 2878
Not known (Der Blickfang, Hannover, Germany) Current 1/2022 (Kelly Family, Munich, Germany)
FLF6G 231326 UEV219E Eastern National 2881
3/1980 (Unknown owner in Belgium) ?/1985 (Unknown owner in Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
FLF6G 231330 HRU678E Hants & Dorset 1553 CDB191 (SW) (photo)
?/1982 (Unknown owner in Sweden) Current 4/2003 (Unknown owner in Arsta, Stockholm, Sweden)
FLF6G 231332
Hants & Dorset 1555
2/2018 (Londynski Autobus, Warsaw, Poland)
No subsequent reports
FLF6G 236048 KPM83E Brighton, Hove & District 83
?/1996 (Maart Leek, Amsterdam, Holland) Current 8/2018 (Unknown owner in Halle, Holland)
FLF6G 236072 KPW483E Eastern Counties FLF483 PS-K-212H (AT)
?/1993 (Bremen Airport, Bremen, Germany) Current 10/2021 (Partybus Austria, Timelkam, Austria)
FLF6G 236103 HXA413E Fife Scottish MRD213 54-AQX-34 (FR)
Not known Current 10/2021 (La Cure Gourmand, Sète, France)
FLF6G 236135 MAH494E Eastern Counties FLF494
Not known (Camping Fusina, Venice, Italy) Current 9/2018 (Camping Fusina, Venice, Italy)
FLF6G 236177 SRB64F Mansfield District 688
BE-84-15 (NL) (photo)
?/2000 (XL Line, Groningen, Holland) Current 7/2019 (Mart Leek, De Rijp, Holland)
FLF6B 236178JMR813FWilts & Dorset 683ZG-959-VG (CR) (photo) (photo)?/1990 (Unknown owner in Zagreb, Croatia)Current 12/2015 (Unknown owner in Zagreb, Crotia)
FLF6L 236187 KRU236F Hants & Dorset 1562 LOB-33-H (GE)
Not known (Sachsische Oldtimer Busflotte, Leipzig, Germany) Current 6/2013 (Unknown owner in Russia)
FLF6L 236190 KRU239F Hants & Dorset 1565
11/1985 (Unknown owner in Germany) Current 9/2020 (Unknown owner in Gunzenhausen, Germany)
FLF6B 236195 LEL652F Hants & Dorset 1568 AS-25-69 (NL)
by 9/1996 (Streamline, Hilversum, Holland) Current 12/2017 (Van Vlastuin, Woudenberg, Holland)
FLF6G 236208 WVX525F Eastern National 2898 BE-01-37 (NL) (photo) (photo) (photo)
by 5/1992 (Unknown owner in Holland) Current 11/2023 (David-Jan Baan, Giessenburg, Holland)
FLF6G 236210 WVX527F Eastern National 2900 48-03-ZB (NL)
?/1996 (Mart Leek, Amsterdam, Holland) Current 6/2018 (Bus Events, Breda, Holland)
FLF6L 236222 JMR818F Wilts & Dorset 688 BE-27-08 (NL)
?/1996 (Mart Leek, Amsterdam, Holland) Current 8/2019 (Maart Leek, Amsterdam, Holland)
FLF6G 236237 WWC741F Eastern National 2911
2/1987 (Unknown owner in Sardinia, Italy) No subsequent reports
FLF6G 236239 WWC743F Eastern National 2913
?/1997 (Mart Leek, Amsterdam, Holland) Current 6/2016 (Andere Weg Vervoer, Amsterdam, Holland)
FLF6L 236241 JMR821F Wilts & Dorset 691
4/1991 (Heinrich Wulfes, Sassenburg, Hannover, Germany) Current 10/2020 (Omnibusverkehr Aalen, Aalen, Germany)
FLF6G 236245 SFM260F Crosville DFG260 6373-TH-86 (FR)
H-0954-BBB (SP)
9/1988 (Octobus S.A.R.L., Paris, France) Current 11/2019 (Auto Gonzalez, Ourense, Spain)
FLF6G 236258 ONG351F Eastern Counties FLF351
?/1992 (Der Blickfang, Hannover, Germany) No subsequent reports
FLF6G 236259 ONG352F Eastern Counties FLF352 (photo)
3/1980 (Spieltruhe, Vienna, Austria) Current 8/2020 (Juli, Hard, Austria)
FLF6G 236261 ONG354F Eastern Counties FLF354
9/1980 (Clarin Publicidad, Madrid, Spain) Current 7/1994 (Karting Club, Cardedeu, Barcelona, Spain)
FLF6G 236266 ONG359F Eastern Counties FLF359 B-312-DO (GE) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo)
3/1984 (Hofer, Linz, Austria) Current 5/2022 (Rausch Media, Dortmund, Germany)
FLF6G 236275 RHN948F United Auto 548 BS-04-96 (NL)
BE-48-72 (NL) (photo) (photo) (photo)
8/1997 (Alexander Marenholtz, Hannover, Germany) Current 2/2023 (De Pit op Drift, Delft, Holland)
FLF6G 236279 SHN252F United Auto 552 CJY9572 (GE)
BE-88-09 (NL) (photo)
OS-AC-86 (GE)
?/1992 (Unknown owner in Germany) Current 9/2023 (Aiconi Fast Food, Osnabruck, Germany)
FLF6G 236281 SHN254F United Auto 554
4/1998 (De Hijskraan, ?, Holland) 8/2010 (SCRAPPED)
FLF6G 236290 THN263F United Auto 563
8/1980 (Bruynoughe Koffie PVBA, Kortrijk, Belgium) 5/2011 (Preserved)
FLF6G 236291 THN264F United Auto 564
8/1988 (Dalfag, San Antonio Ticino, Switzerland) No subsequent reports
FLF6G 236292 TRB585F Mansfield District 690 (photo)
4/1992 (Heinrich Wulfes, Sassenburg, Germany) Currrent 1/2007 (Heinrich Wulfes, Sassenburg, Germany)
FLF6G 236294
Mansfield District 692 60-F02-267 (SL) (photo) (photo) (video)
?/1990 (Unknown)
Current 6/2021 (Judo Klub z'Dezele, Celje, Slovenia)
FLF6G 236300 AEV814F Eastern National 2920 NXN664 (BE) (photo) (photo)
6/1994 (Antique Auto, Brasschaart, Brussels, Belgium) Current 4/2021 (Antique Auto, Brasschaart, Antwerp, Belgium)
FLF6G 236314 PBL57F Thames Valley D57
?/1994 (Unknown owner in Germany) Current 6/2013 (Unknown owner in Vienna, Austria)
FLF6G 236316 PBL59F Thames Valley D59 7011-KT-62 (FR) (photo)
8/1980 (Assoc Port de la Unite, Centre-la-Shalon, Carazel, France) Current 1/1986 (Unknown owner in Lille, France)
FLF6G 236319 TRB573F Notts & Derby 306 (photo)
3/1981 (Gobel, Weingut, Germany) Current 10/2008 (Unknown owner near Cochem, Germany)
FLF6G 236323 TRB577F Midland General 310 1781-WG-74 (FR)
(photo) (photo)
6/1981 (Unknown owner in France) Current 1/2020 (Le Bus Cosmique, Saint-Martin-de-Crau, France)
FLF6G 236330 AVW398F Eastern National 2929 BE-01-57 (NL)
KR-0B-1H (GE) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo)
?/1989 (The London Rolling Party Pub, Oldenzaal, Holland) Current 3/2024 (Krefelder Rennbahn, Krefeld, Germany)
FLF6G 236331 AVW399F Eastern National 2930 DC-927-AZ (FR) (photo)
?/1996 (Unknown owner in France) Current 10/2021 (Unknown owner near Carnoules, France)

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