Illustrated History for JWC711

Reregistered NVS695

Chassis: FLF6G 199173 Body: ECW 13139 Series 2 Engine: Gardner 6LW Configuration: H38/32F
Status: Exported     Last Reported: 5/2022

Last updated : May 15th 2022 (brought up-to-date)

by 1/2003 - current Creaktiv Marketing, Munich, Germany. Registered M-ZU3492 locally. Noted in Frankfurt, 9/2003. Noted in Athens, 5/2007. Repainted for Munich Beer Tour, by 8/2010. Registered PAFLB48H locally. Used on a promotional tour for Boden clothing, ?/2019
by 12/1994 - ?/???? Dornier Aircraft Company, Munich, Germany
by 1/1994 - ?/1994 Der Blickfang, Hannover, Germany. Still at Ireland, Hull, 1/1994. Exhibited at the IAA International Motor Show in Hannover, 9/1994. Fully retrimmed and numbered RT1625
by 8/1992 - ??199? Ireland, Hull (dealer). Rebuilt with offside rear entrance, roofline lowered to 4m and to be repainted into London Transport red livery, 1/1994
3/1992 - ?/1992 Walker, Newark (for preservation)
12/1978 - 3/1992 Rainworth Royals Jazz Band (non-PCV)
11/1978 - 12/1978 Norths, Sherburn-in-Elmet (dealer)
11/1978 - 11/1978 Ensign, Purfleet (dealer)
11/1962 - 11/1978 Eastern National Omnibus Company Ltd. 1625. Renumbered 2751, 8/1964. Withdrawn ?/1978

JWC711 in 2019
Photo : Duncan Payne
JWC711 in 2011

Photo : David Rodgers

JWC711 in 2007

Photo : Fotis Marinelis

JWC711 in 2003

Photo : From the Internet

JWC711 in 1994

Photo : Paul Harrison

JWC711 with Rainworth Royals Jazz Band

Photo : From the Internet

JWC711 in NBC green livery

Photo : Steve Thoroughgood

Photo required of JWC711 in Tilling green livery

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