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Last Updated : January 15th 2024 (brought up-to-date)

This page lists all Bristol Lodekkas owned by Der Blickfang including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at


Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Withdrawn and Sold Notes


FS6G 230068

 ?/1991 (Driver trainer)
12/1998 (Londonbus Holziken of Holziken, Switzerland)
JMR821FFLF6L 2362414/1991 (Clan of Kyle)by 8/2001 (Omnibusverkehr Aalen (OVA), Aalen, Germany)
SAX989LD6G 134235?/1992 (Unknown owner in Wolfsburg)4/2000 (Spielbus, Gutersloh, Germany)
AFE170A (ex-XPM41)FS6G 196037?/1992 (East Yorkshire 670)by 11/2014 (ASV Koln, Cologne, Germany)
FS6G 230064
?/1992 (Skill of Nottingham)
Not known (Mostra Scambio, Borgo d'Ale, Italy)

ONG351FFLF6G 236258?/1992 (Driver trainer)No subsequent reports
TRB585FFLF6G 2362924/1992 (Non-PCV)Current (1/2007)
OVS461 (ex-4384LJ)FS6G 178044?/1994 (Driver trainer)by 1/2010 (Unknown owner in Germany)
NVS695 (ex-JWC711) FLF6G 199173 ?/1994 (Preserved) ?/1994 (Dornier Aircraft Company, Munich, Germany)  
GAE883DFLF6G 231104?/1994 (Preserved)Current (7/2019)
GRX129DFLF6G 231022?/1994 (Stagecoach Scotland)by 12/2008 (Anton Graf Reisen, Herne, Germany)
815SHW FLF6G 217074 5/1995 (Non-PCV) Not known (Unknown owner in Cologne, Germany)  
DEL891CFLF6G 22908511/1995 (Preserved)by 1/2012 (Babylon Nightclub, Vienna, Austria)
ODL14LD6G 134237
?/1996 (The Kelly Family, Germany) ?/2014 (Joey Kelly, ?, Germany)
Acquired with accident damage
UOD503LD6G 130142Not known (The Kelly Family, Germany)11/2011 (Marie Curry, Cologne, Germany)
BVX681B FLF6G 224025 Not known (Exported) by 10/2014 (City of Volklingen, Germany)
Fitted with a 12 litre MAN engine and named "The Blue Gentleman". Carried registration BHN658B but not an official reregistration
RWC607 FLF6B 210013 ?/1997 (Preserved) c?/2010 (Hamburger Rundstadtfahrt, Hamburg, Germany)  
GNO788B FLF6G 224072 ?/1997 (Non-PCV) Current (1/2014)  
EGM276CFLF6G 231004?/1999 (Jork Hoffman, ?, Germany)Current (5/2018)
SKH717B (ex-828SHW) FLF6B 217126 5/2007 (Preserved) Current (9/2008)  
SHN252F FLF6G 236279 Not known (Driver trainer) 3/2017 (Zijpe Stijl, Amsterdam, Holland)  

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