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Last Amended : 29th January 2024 (brought up-to-date)

Most Recent Photo Original Owner and Fleet Number Registration Number Chassis and Number Body Make and Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded


Photo : Roger Moore

Bristol 353 DHW293K LH/591 ECW 19634 Dr Mike Walker, Wells (preserved) April 2022

Photo : Mike Nash

Bristol 358 JHW118P LH/1109 ECW Mike Nash, Ockham (preserved) September 2023
  Bristol 359 JHW119P LH/1110 ECW Unknown owner in Malta
January 1997  

Photo : Simon Lang

Bristol 368 685DID (ex-KHU318P) LH/1172 ECW Simon Lang, Rathcoole, Republic of Ireland (preserved) July 2023
KHU323P in 2021KHU323P in 2021
Photos : Oliver Leighfield
Bristol 373 KHU323P LH/1177 ECW Barkers Motors, Wrexham (preserved)
January 2024 Towing wagon

Photo : Rob Sly

Bristol 376 KHU326P LH/1190 ECW 21735 Mike Ellis, Stroud (preserved) April 2022

Photo : Traveller Dave

Bristol 384 JOU163P LH/1198 ECW Unknown theatre group in the U.K. (mobile home) May 1997  

Photo : Paul Stephens

Bristol 397 OTC605R LH/1389 ECW Castle Cary Community Association (non-PCV) May 2011 Used as a mobile youth "drop in" vehicle

Bristol 401 REU312S LH/1436 ECW Unknown owner in Oman August 1983

Bristol 402 REU313S LH/1437 ECW Unknown owner in Oman August 1983


Photo : Richard Field

Bristol 415 REU326S LH/1471 ECW 22857 Gareth Ebbern, Yeovil (preserved)
December 2016

Bristol 422 SWS768S LH/1493 ECW 23483 Unknown owner in Longtown February 2008 Intended for conversion to a caravan but lying derelict and unconverted, 2/2008

Photo : From the Internet

Bristol 423 SWS769S LH/1494 ECW 23484 Duncan Roberts, North Anston August 2010 Used as a storeshed

Bristol 425 SWS771S LH/1496 ECW Unknown owner in Oman December 1994

Bristol 427 SWS773S LH/1498 ECW Unknown owner in Belfast, Northern Ireland (non-PCV)
July 1992 Converted for use as a mobile shop

Photo : Dave Beardmore

Bristol 428 SWS774S LH/1499 ECW Jamieson et al, Donemana, Northern Ireland (preserved) May 2010

Photo : eBay

Bristol 448 YAE515V LH/1583 ECW 23526 JMV Training, Gainsborough (driver trainer) February 2012  

Photo : Ken Lansdowne

Bristol 452 YAE519V LH/1587 ECW 23530 Pauline Binks & Shona Bennett, Telford November 2007 Used as a Brownies meeting bus

Photo : eBay

Bristol 454 AFB585V LH/1593 ECW 23536 Garry Cox, Burnley (preserved) August 2007
AFB586V in 2021

Photo : Rob Hughes

Bristol 455 AFB586V LH/1594 ECW 23537 Rob Hughes, Shildon (preserved) September 2021

Photo : Tim Moss

Bristol 461 AFB592V LH/1600 ECW 23543 Dr Mike Walker, Wells (preserved) April 2022
AFB597V in 2016

Photo : Ben Bartram

Bristol 466 AFB597V LH/1605 ECW 23548 Morton, Basingstoke (preserved) December 2022

MCA617P in 2016

Photo : via Phil Groocock

Crosville SLL617 MCA617P LH/1130 ECW Napier, West Point Island, Falkland Islands February 2016 Registered F68A locally. Used to transport tourists to a penguin colony. Out of use and derelict, by 12/2007

Photo : Dominic Eaton

Crosville SLL620 MCA620P LH/1133 ECW 21695 620 Group, Hull (preserved) August 2022 Video : YouTube link

Photo : Keith Harwood

Crosville SLL626 OCA626P LH/1209 ECW Heritage Malta February 2015 Registered EBY520 locally
  Crosville SLL635 OCA635P LH/1229 ECW Unknown film company in Malta July 2011 Registered DBY360 locally. For destruction during the filming of the movie "World War Z"
HAH537L in 2023
Photo : E.C.T.S.
Eastern Counties LH537 HAH537L LH/651 ECW 19631 Eastern Transport Collection Society, Attleborough (preserved) August 2023 Rare Perkins-engined LH

Photo : Simon Meekings

Eastern Counties LH918 TCL138R LH/1379 ECW Unknown owner in Suffolk (non-PCV) March 2012 Kept in a field in as-withdrawn (1983) condition

Photo : Luke Whitehead

Eastern Counties LH921 TCL141R LH/1394 ECW Unknown owner near Barnsley July 2003 Converted for use as a caravan

Photo : Fred Lawrance

Eastern National 1103 UVX7S LH/1409 ECW 22362 Sarah Hartwell, Chelmsford (preserved) October 2021

Photo : Rob Sly

Greenslades Tours 321 31918 (ex-JFJ501N, 31919) LH/1069 Plaxton 7510BC011S Unknown owner in Wiltshire (non-PCV)
January 2003 Mobile cafe

Greenslades Tours 322 31919 (ex-JFJ502N, 31907) LH/1114 Plaxton 7510BC012S Ward, Woodside (preserved) September 2009  
 JFJ505N in 2022
Photo : Facebook Marketplace
Greenslades Tours 325 31912 (ex-JFJ505N) LH/1117 Plaxton 7510BC015S Unknown owner in Carmarthen (non-PCV) April 2022 Mobile home

Photo : Dave Beardmore 

Greenslades Tours 326 JFJ506N (ex-JFJ506N, 31913) LH/1119 Plaxton 7510BC016S Alistair Gray, Exeter (preserved) April 2020  

Photo : Dave Beardmore

Greenslades Tours 327 JFJ507N (ex-JFJ507N, 12723, 31914) LH/1120 Plaxton 7510BC017S Unknown owner in the U.K. (preserved) September 2004  

Photo : James Pratt

Greenslades Tours 328 31915 (ex-JFJ508N) LH/1121 Plaxton 7510BC018S Gray, Andrews & Allen, South Devon (preserved) May 2003  

Photo : Hants & Dorset Wilts & Dorset Heritage

Hants & Dorset 1529 RLJ793H LH/381 ECW Mills & Hursthouse, Christchurch (preserved) October 2021

Hants & Dorset 1540 XEL826K LH/584 ECW Terry Hussey, Basingstoke (preserved) January 2000

Hants & Dorset 1541 XEL827K LH/585 ECW McGonagle, Redchurch, Republic of Ireland May 2004 Derelict, by 3/93. Almost totally hidden, by 5/2004

Photo : David Oborn

Hants & Dorset 3512NEL845MLH/724ECW 20258Mills, Hursthouse & Holtby, Netheravon (preserved)October 2021No restoration yet performed
NLJ516M in 2021
Photo : Karl Oakley
Hants & Dorset 3516 TR6147 (ex-NLJ516M) LH/838 ECW Steam, Clifton Down, Bristol (non-PCV)
January 2023 Rebuilt as a charabanc. Used as a dining venue

Photo : Dave Beardmore

Hants & Dorset 3523 NLJ523M LH/882 ECW Heritage Malta September 2012 Registered DBY422 locally
ORU532M in 2014

Photo : Peter Cook

Hants & Dorset 3532 ORU532M LH/945 ECW Mills, Hursthouse & Maltby, Christchurch (preserved) October 2021 Converted for use as a tree lopper

Photo : Peter Cook

Hants & Dorset 3537 ORU537M LH/950 ECW Unknown owner in St Johns, Antigua January 2010 Derelict, by 10/2005

Photo : Dave Beardmore

Hants & Dorset 3547 GLJ479N LH/981 ECW Malta Bus Route May 2011 Registered EBY524 locally

Photo : Traveller Dave

Hants & Dorset 3549 GLJ481N LH/983 ECW Unknown owner in Portugal December 2012 Converted for use as a mobile home. Now static in Portugal

Photo : Barrie Gilbert

Hants & Dorset 3550 GLJ482N LH/984 ECW 21342 Matt Pantling, Xlendi, Gozo
March 2022 Registered FBY035 locally. Extensively rebuilt, 4/2005 to c4/2008. Converted for use as a caravan, 3/2022

Photo : Peter Relf

Hants & Dorset 3553 GLJ485N LH/987 ECW Rob Hughes, Shildon (preserved)
November 2016 Registered FBY714 locally on Malta
GLJ489N in 2022
Photo : Matt Pantling
Hants & Dorset 3557 GLJ489N LH/1002 ECW Unknown owner in Malta August 2022 Registered EBY523 locally

Hants & Dorset 3567 HJT39N
Unknown owner in Cornwall
August 2020
In derelict condition
SVL830R in 2014

Photo : Neil Markwick

Lincolnshire 1045 SVL830R LH/1342 ECW 22369 M Wilkinson, Lincoln (preserved) July 2023

Photo : Adrian Brown

Lincolnshire 1056 XFW951S LH/1449 ECW Lincolnshire 1056 Group, Waddington (preserved) July 2023
YVL837S in 2018

Photo : Nick Wood

Lincolnshire 1063 YVL837S LH/1487 ECW M Wilkinson, Lincoln (preserved) July 2023
DTL542T in 2015
Photo : Craig Schofield
Lincolnshire 1066 DTL542T
Unknown owner in Lincoln (preservationist for spares)
November 2018
Very heavily stripped by 6/2015
JVL928H undergoing restoration

Photo : Richard Belton

Lincolnshire 1809 JVL928H LHS/113 ECW 17993 Richard Belton, Scunthorpe (preserved) July 2023 Previously converted for use as a caravan. Rare Perkins-engined LHS.

Photo : Ken Jones

London Country BL1 RPH101L LHS/134 ECW 20440 Jason Lamb, Forest of Dean (mobile home) July 2021 Converted for use as a mobile home

Photo : From the Internet

London Country BL11 MIL4686 (ex-RPH111L, YTA236L) LHS/144 ECW John Hendriks, Falmouth (mobile home) June 2018 Converted for use as a mobile home
GPD301N in 2022
Photo : Richard Shannon
London Country BN33 GPD301N LHS/166 ECW Richard Shannon & Alan Crozier, Newtownards, Northern Ireland (preserved) October 2022

Photo : Rob Capel

London Country BN42 GPD310N LHS/175 ECW 21390 Andy Goddard, West Ewell (preserved) July 2018  
GPD313N in 2021
Photo : Reliance Bus Works
London Country BN45 GPD313N LHS/180 ECW 21393 John Wilcox, Rayleigh (preserved) October 2022
GPD316N in 2014
Photo : Peter Wilkson
London Country BN48GPD316NLHS/183ECW 21396Wilkson, Stockport (non-PCV)April 2014Caravan
GPD318N in 2017

Photo : Shane Ross

London Country BN50 GPD318N LHS/185 ECW 21398 Philip Dale, Sherborne (preserved) July 2017  

Photo : Dave Root Collection

London Country BN61 TPJ61S LHS/271 ECW 22914 London Transport Museum, Acton (preserved) October 2017  

Photo : Warren Woodrow 

National Welsh MD1391 GTX758W (GTX758W, 19660) LHS/377 ECW 24706 Plymouth & District, Plymouth April 2017  
GTX761W in 2019

Photo : London Bus 4 Hire

National Welsh MD1394 VGC932 (ex-GTX761W) LHS/380 ECW 24709 Martin Detheridge (London Bus 4 Hire), Usk (preserved) August 2023  
GTX762W in 2009

Photo : From the Internet

National Welsh MD1395 GTX762W LHS/381 ECW 24710 Gwyn Gardiner, Usk (preserved) December 2021
 FBV271W in 2019
Photo : Paul Emery
Ribble 271 FBV271W LHS/374 ECW Paul Emery, Chase Terrace (preserved) December 2019  
FBV272W in 2018
Photo : Paul Emery 
Ribble 272 FBV272W LHS/376 ECW Paul Emery, Chase Terrace (preserved) December 2023 Loaned to Fylde Transport Trust, 3/2022

Photo : Terry Hussey

Southern Vectis 833 NDL769G LHS/105 Marshall Aycliffe & District Bus Preservation Society, Newton Aycliffe (preserved) December 2018  

Photo : Paul Budden

Southern Vectis 202 KDL202W LHS/368 ECW 24715 Ben Bartram, Isle of Wight (preserved) January 2024
KDL203W in 2017

Photo : Nigel Harris

Southern Vectis 203 KDL203W LHS/369 ECW Marc Huws, Ventnor, Isle of Wight (preserved) October 2023
KDL204W in 2014

Photo : John Hembry

Southern Vectis 204 KDL204W LHS/373 ECW 24717 Unknown owner in the U.K. September 2018 Converted for use as a caravan

Photo : Mike Nash

Southern Vectis 829 PDL491H LH/447 ECW Lisa Mead, ?, Aberdeenshire (preserved) June 2020 Converted for use as a caravan

Thames Valley 211 VMO228H LH/314 ECW  Richard Rampton, Reading (preserved) July 2014

Photo : Mike Penn

Thames Valley 214 VMO234H LH/357 ECW 17935 Jason Rayner, Winchester (preserved) February 2017

Photo : Neil Halliday

United 1611 AHN611M LH/965 ECW Nathan Foster, Durham (preserved) August 2020

Photo : Dave Beardmore

United 1623 GUP907N LH/998 ECW 21274 Andrew Dolan, Sunnybrow (preserved) October 2018

Photo : eBay

United 1659 MGR659P LH/1161 ECW 21607 Robert Gailor, Addlestone May 2010 Converted for use as a caravan
NBR665P in 2017
Photo : Lee Garrett
United 1665 NBR665P LH/1168 ECW 21613 Lee Garrett, Chester-le-Street (preserved) February 2017
MUP712T in 2018

Photo : Paul Emery

United 1712 MUP712T LH/1552 ECW Andy Goddard, West Ewell (preserved) August 2019

Photo : Dave Beardmore

United 1713 MUP713T LH/1553 ECW 23510 South Lancs Travel, Leigh January 2012 For spares

Photo : Dave Beardmore

Western National 716 MUO328F LH/133 ECW 17395 Cornwall Bus Preservation Group (preserved) August 2019

Photo : Terry Bennett

Western National/Devon General 88VOD88KLHS/120Marshall 30851Terry Bennett, Sherborne (preserved)January 2013 

Photo : Gareth Crowther

Western National/Devon General 90VOD90KLHS/122Marshall Unknown owner on Guernsey (non-PCV)
September 2001Used as a site hut

Photo : eBay

Western National/Devon General 94LFJ848WLHS/357ECWMcLuckie, Gordon, Berwickshire (non-PCV)May 2008Noted out of use on a farm near Berwick, 11/2005. For sale on eBay, 5/2008

Photo : Dave Beardmore

Western National/Devon General 107GDV460NLH/971ECWMalta Bus RouteMay 2011Registered EBY544 locally
KTT38P in 2015

Photo : Josh Mann

Western National/Devon General 108 KTT38PLH/1135ECWDavid & Lawrence Mortimer, Stourport-on-Severn (preserved)November 2022

Photo : Terry Partridge

Western National/Devon General 112KTT42PLH/1139ECW 21659Dave ?, Ardingly (non-PCV)July 2022Converted use as a caravan
KTT43P in 2015
Photo : Tom Bailey
Western National/Devon General 113KTT43PLH/1140ECW 21660Ron Greet, BroadhempsteadSeptember 2015Derelict, by 11/2000

Western National/Devon General 124VDV104SLH/1508ECWSterling, Arbroath (non-PCV)November 2003
VOD122K in the Dominican Republic
Photo : David Jory Collection
Western National 1252 VOD122K LHS/128 Marshall Botanical Gardens, Roseau, Dominica January 2000 Used as part of a children’s wildlife conservation project
 VOD123K in 2015
Photo : Trevor Harrison
Western National 1253 VOD123K LHS/129 Marshall 30861 Ricketts, Tal-y-Cafn (preserved) June 2021  

Photo : James Pratt

Western National 1254 VOD124K LHS/130 Marshall 30860 Steve Cocks, Carnmenellis & Paul Crate, Hayle (preserved) September 2021  

Photo : Derrick Cuff

Western National 1255 VOD125K LHS/131 Marshall Cornwall Bus Preservation Group (preserved) October 2015  
BDV318L in 2005

Photo : Ken Baker

Western National 1318 BDV318L LH/754 Marshall 35108 Steve Cocks, Carnmenellis (preserved) August 2023

Photo : Neil Halliday

Western National 1319 NTT319M LH/757 Marshall Steve Cocks, Carnmenellis (preserved) February 2021
PUO331M in 2022
Photo : Richard Johnson
Western National 1331 PUO331M LH/912 Plaxton 7410BC002 Trevor Cockram, Bristol (preserved) January 2022
FDV787V in 2017
Photo : Jason Rayner 
Western National 1557 FDV787V LHS/350 ECW Richard Stevens, Plymouth (preserved) April 2022

Photo : Avery Howell

Western National 1558 FDV788V LHS/351 ECW Avery Howell, ?, Portugal
November 2020 Converted for use as a mobile home

Photo : Graham Richardson

Western National 1560 FDV790V LHS/353 ECW Colin Billington, Holyport (preserved) September 2021  

Photo : Carl Berry

Western National 1563 FDV793V LHS/356 ECW Richard Sinclair, Woking (preserved) May 2021

Photo : Dave Longbottom

Western National 1590 NFJ590M LH/845 ECW 20423 Bradley, Harrogate (preserved) August 2001
NFJ592M in 2019

Photo : Dan Shears

Western National 1592 NFJ592M LH/847 ECW 20425 Dan Shears, Winkleigh (preservationist for spares) March 2019

Photo : Dave Beardmore

Western National 1611
GDV460NLH/971ECWMalta Bus RouteMay 2011Registered EBY544 locally
HTT376N in 1988
Photo : John Palmer
Western National 1621 HTT376N LH/1074 ECW West, Roche November 1988 Converted for use as a caravan. Marked as exported, 11/1988 by DVLA

Photo : Jason Beverley

Western National 3131 AFJ692T LH/1519 Plaxton 7810BXM508 3131 Group, ?, Cornwall (preserved) April 2022

Photo : Dave Beardmore

Western National 3132 AFJ693T LH/1520 Plaxton 7810BXM509 Spruhan, Bagenalstown, Republic of Ireland July 2009 Not used in service
AFJ721T in 2015

Photo : Gavin Wilkinson

Western National 3301 AFJ721T LH/1531 Plaxton 7810BXM513S Gavin Wilkinson, Plymouth
February 2019 Converted for use as a mobile home

Photo : Dave Beardmore

Western National 3306 AFJ726T LH/1548 Plaxton 7910BXM501S Mayall, Hollacombe (non-PCV) May 2009  

Photo : Jason Beverley

Western National 3307 AFJ727T LH/1549 Plaxton 7910BXM502S West Country Historic Omnibus Transport Trust (preserved) August 2019

Western National 3309 AFJ729T LH/1551 Plaxton 7910BXM504S Colin Billington, Holyport (preserved) January 2009

Photo : Mike Nash

Western National 3316 31921 (ex-AFJ736T) LH/1576 Plaxton 7910BXM518S Andy Goddard, West Ewell
July 2018
AFJ737T in 2017
Photo : Traveller Dave
Western National 3317 AFJ737T LH/1555 Plaxton Ross ?, Hay-on-Wye
April 2017 Converted for use as a caravan
AFJ740T in 2021
Photo : Dan Shears
Western National 3320 AFJ740T LH/1560 Plaxton  Dan Shears, Winkleigh (preservationist for spares) November 2023 Being broken for spares, 11/2023

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