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Last Updated : May 3rd 2016 (brought up-to-date)

This page lists all Bristol VRs operated by Bath Bus Company including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at


Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Withdrawn and Sold Photos
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232ENX (ex-PHE816M) VRT/SL2/666 3/1997 (Lamcote of Radcliffe) ?/1999 (Chepstow Classic Buses)
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Photo : Steve White
WOI8022 (ex-PVO818R) VRT/SL3/734 3/1997 (Lamcote of Radcliffe) 11/2004 (SCRAPPED)
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Photos : Ian Kirby, Gareth Crowther
BCL213T VRT/SL3/1505 5/1997 (APT of Rayleigh) 5/2005 (Village Coaches of Findon)
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Photos : Dave Beardmore, John Hammond
NFB115R VRT/SL3/474 5/1997 (Stringer of Pontefract) 8/2004 (Non-PCV)
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Photos : Rob Sly, Peter Wearne
NCD563M VRT/SL2/744 8/1997 (SM Travel of Roydon) 8/1999 (Chepstow Classic Buses)
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Photo : Steve White
XRR176S VRT/SL3/1422 9/1997 (Ajax of Hornchurch) 1/2001 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Andy Mitchell
JWV252W VRT/SL3/2582 9/1997 (Stagecoach South 7352) 9/2004 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Gareth Crowther
KKK888V VRT/SL3/2484 2/1998 (Stagecoach South 7988) 3/2001 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Steve Clements
Only used in service for two days during February 1999
UFX857S VRT/SL3/934 5/1998 (Southern Vectis 505) 12/2003 (Solent Blue Line 901)
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Photos : Steve White, Dave Beardmore
WTG360T VRT/SL3/1635 2/1999 (City of Cardiff 360) 12/2003 (Solent Blue Line 902)
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Photos : Allan Macfarlane, Mark Pitman
DBV29W VRT/SL3/2619 2/1998 (Stagecoach South 259) 4/2000 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Steve White
Acquired for spares
HWG208W VRT/SL3/2524 9/2004 (Regency Tours of Bath) 9/2004 (Exported)
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Photo : Mark Amis
Not used in service

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