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This page lists all Bristol VRs operated in Holland including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at rob@robsly.com

Dutch Registration

UK Registration

Chassis Number

First Dutch Owner

Date Last Recorded Notes
74-TB-57 N/A VRT/SL3/2148 12/1979 (Haagsche Courant,Delft) Current 11/2021 (DBK Promotions, Den Haag, Holland) Only VRT delivered new to an overseas owner
VS-21-HZ PVO812R VRT/SL3/553 4/1992 (Carlier, Middleburg) Current 6/2018 (Bus Events, Breda)  
BH-JP-13 WDM348R VRT/SL3/858 ?/1993 (College Voor Logistiek, Purmerend) 2/2021 (SCRAPPED)
BG-NS-15 (photo) (photo) (photo) PHY702S VRT/SL3/931 3/1998 (Onassis Exploitatie BV, Assen) Current 7/2021 (Tuincentrum Krans, Sint Oedenrode)  
BH-DB-29 TWS912T VRT/SL3/1679 3/1998 (Onassis Exploitatie BV, Assen) Current 8/2011 (Toer Bus, Groningen)  
BG-LG-89 TEX401R VRT/SL3/798 ?/1998 (Unknown owner in Holland) Current 2/2022 (Winde Rienstra, Zaandam)  
NHU671R VRT/SL3/513 ?/1999 (Duiven Tours, Duiven) Current 6/2023 (David-Jan Baan, Giessenburg)  
BE-21-03 PEU511R VRT/SL3/875 ?/1999 (Duiven Tours, Duiven) No subsequent reports  
BH-XJ-95 GTX754W VRT/SL3/2667 ?/1999 (Duiven Tours, Duiven) ?/2015 (SCRAPPED)  
BH-NS-28 CBD897T VRT/SL3/1524 7/1999 (Classic Bus West Nederland, Amsterdam) Current 12/2009 (Unknown owner in Holland)  
  AHW201V VRT/SL3/2352 8/1999 (Prins Classic of Opijnen) 2/2000 (Chepstow Classic Buses)  

(photo) (photo) (photo)
SNJ592R VRT/SL3/852 11/1999 (Unknown owner in Amsterdam) Current 9/2022 (Verbeek, Wijk en Aalborg)  
BH-RD-32 (photo) (photo) GAK482N VRT/SL2/867 12/1999 (Unknown owner in Holland) Current 12/2023 (Boeren Rustcamping de Kermisrose, Lelystadt)  
BH-XN-44 CPT732S VRT/SL3/1163 1/2000 (Hazeleger, Woudenberg) Current 5/2017 (Hans Classic Cars, Nijkerk, Holland)  
BRF692T VRT/SL3/1687 12/1999 (Unknown owner in Holland)   Current 8/2017 (David-Jan Baan, Giessenburg)
64-BDN-3 (ex-BH-NV-90, 20-TVP-2) (photo) (photo) (photo) GRF696V VRT/SL3/2084 ?/1999 (Unknown owner in Holland) Current 11/2021 (Zorgboerderij De Mikkelhorst, Haren)  
BN-JH-65 (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo WJM820T VRT/SL3/1672 1/2000 (Prins Classic Transport, Opijnen) Current 6/2021 (Pine & Classics, Oirschot)  
BJ-DH-95 FAO423V VRT/SL3/2120 2/2000 (Prins Classic Transport, Opijnen) Current 7/2022 (Oranjefans, Chaam)  
BL-FR-77 FKM878V VRT/SL3/2164 ?/2000 (Classic Bus West Nederland, Amsterdam) Current 2/2019 (Simone FM, Emmen)  
  HKM883V VRT/SL3/2210 ?/2000 (Classic Bus West Nederland, Amsterdam) Current 11/2003 (Classic Bus West Nederland, Amsterdam)  
 BE-38-73 HKM886V VRT/SL3/2213 ?/2000 (Classic Bus West Nederland, Amsterdam) Current 1/2018 (Andere Weg Vervoer, Amsterdam)  
 BL-FV-54 KRM437W VRT/SL3/2596 1/2001 (Prins Classic of Opijnen) Current 2/2022 (Unknown owner in Krommenie)  
BL-LB-93 MEL562P VRT/SL3/227 by 7/2001 (Peter van Berkel, Grootebroek) Current 8/2022 (Mart Leek, Monnickendam)
(photo) (photo) (photo) (photo
LWG847P VRT/SL3/354 8/2001 (Classic Bus West Nederland, Amsterdam) Current 4/2023 (La Karavana, Nieuw Vennep)  
 BN-BD-20 FAO422V VRT/SL3/2119 9/2001 (Ron Otte, Haarlem) Current 1/2023 (De ReCreatie, Doornseweg)  
GTX748W VRT/SL3/2598 10/2001 (Bob Krijnen, Huizen) Current 6/2023 (DeBus050, Groningen)  
BP-DH-82 (photo) (photo) (photo) URF661S VRT/SL3/903 7/2002 (Classic Bus West Nederland, Amsterdam) Current 6/2023 (Market Food Group, Bunschoten)  
BN-NN-99 PAG511W VRT/SL3/2493 10/2002 (Prins Classic of Opijnen) 7/2021 (Joeri Hendriks, Bree, Belgium)  
BP-GS-24 (Photo)
VOD594S VRT/SL3/1383 2/2003 (Russell Howard-Tricker, Uithoorn)   ?/2008 (SCRAPPED)  Stolen and destroyed by fire, ?/2008
BN-XD-80 UWV612S VRT/SL3/1131 4/2003 (Prins Classic Transport, Opijnen) Current 5/2017 (ChildRight, Ijsselstein)  
STW22W VRT/SL3/2629 6/2003 (ECP Events of Ridderkerk) Current 5/2017 (ECP Events of Ridderkerk)  
  TBW450P VRT/SL3/364 12/2003 (Classic Bus West Nederland, Amsterdam) No subsequent reports  

?/2004 (Esther Matze, Amsterdam)
?/2018 (Antwerp Bowling, Antwerp, Belgium)

BP-FF-85 (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo FAO428V VRT/SL3/2125 2/2004 (Prins Classic Transport, Opijnen) Current 9/2022 (Over de Dam, Brouersdam)  
  EWS741W VRT/SL3/2930 11/2004 (Classic Bus West Nederland, Amsterdam)   Current 10/2018 (Hotel den Helder, den Helder)
  SNJ591R VRT/SL3/851 ?/2006 (Hanssen Dranken, Linne) Current 4/2019 (Kampeerterrein De Lievelinge, Vuren)  
BR-ZP-37 UWV620S VRT/SL3/1201 4/2006 (Sjoerds Auto, Hilversum) Current 4/2018 (Paintball Twente, Hengelo)  
BR-ZZ-65 (photo) (photo) NUM341V VRT/SL3/2420 4/2006 (Standby95, Emmen) Current 9/2022 (Piet Verbeek, Wijk en Aalborg)  
BR-ZN-18 (photo) (photo) FAO421V VRT/SL3/2118 5/2006 (Geffen van der Krabben, Ammerzoden) Current 9/2021 (Texel Tours, Oudeschild)  
5/2006 (Unknown owner in Holland)
Current 6/2023 (David-Jan Baan, Giessenburg)

  URU689S VRT/SL3/1091 3/2009 (Bart Prins, Zeist) Current 1/2017 (Stichting Convoi Exceptionnel, Amsterdam)  
BX-PX-27 HJB460W VRT/SL3/2663 3/2009 (Bart Prins, Zeist) Current 12/2018 (Vintage Factory, Lopik)  
  HJB461W VRT/SL3/2707 3/2009 (Bart Prins, Zeist) 4/2014 (North Brigade Skateboarding, Cologne, Germany)
BX-NX-98 YMB518W VRT/SL3/2988 3/2009 (Bart Prins, Zeist) Current 10/2020 (Chris Bosjager, Nieuwkoop)  
  BMA524W VRT/SL3/3015 ?/2010 (Hans Smit, Amsterdam) No subsequent reports  
  HWE826N VRT/SL2/966 8/2011 (Bart Prins, Zeist) Current 4/2019 (Paintball-Games Venhorst, Boekel)  
  FTU382T VRT/SL3/1511 ?/2000 (Stairway Promotions, Assen) 8/2010 (SCRAPPED) Not used in service. Destroyed by fire, 8/2010

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