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VRs in the U.S.A.

Last Updated : February 22nd 2022 (OWE853R, BPT925S, SGR793V and UFX857S added, PVO820R, AET181T, FTU390T, OTA284G and STW26W updated)

The VRs shown on this page were in the U.S.A. on the above date. The liveries depicted are the last known to be carried by the individual vehicles. If you know that the livery or location has now changed I would appreciate receiving an email or, better still, a photo which I will add to this page and credit to you. Remember - the site is only as good as the information I receive. Other U.S.A. operators can be found on the Operator Cross-Reference page.

The following operators have their own pages:

Cheyenne Bus Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma
Miami Double Deck Tours of Miami, Florida
Starline Tours of Los Angeles, California
J & M Tours of San Diego, California
Eurofilm of Los Angeles, California
The London Bus of Phoenix, Arizona
Chicago Double Decker of Chicago, Illinois
Classic Auto Limousine Service of Minneapolis, Minnesota
Red Bus Rental of Tarzana, California
Mambo Tours of Miami, Florida
Manhattan Double Deck Tours of New York
New York Double Decker Tours of New York
New York Apple Tours of New York
Gray Line of New York
Double Decker Bus (Murphy) of Denver, Colorado
Peter Pan Bus Lines of Springfield, Massachusetts
Double Deck Tours of Boston, Massachusetts
Big Bus of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Double Decker Bus & Tours of Chula Vista, California
British Bus Company of San Diego, California
Vizit Tours of Los Angeles, California
CitySights LA of Los Angeles, California
Black Diamond Limousine Service, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The following VR is with 2nd Stop, Manassas, Virginia, converted for use as an ice cream and coffee retail outlet:

PVO820R in 2021PVO820R in 2021
Photo : Michael Scarfe

The following VR is in use as a shuttle bus between Kells Irish Pubs and Portland Trail Blazers basketball matches:

BPT925S in 2017
Photo : Kells Irish Pub

The following VR is in use as a shuttle bus with Aardvark Event Logistics, Conshohoken, Pennsylvania:

UFX857S in 2021
Photo : Aardvark Event Logistics

The following VR is in use as a static bar at Somerset Bar, Over the Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio:

AET181T in 2021
Photo : Somerset Bar

The following VR was previously used as a retail outlet and is available for sale on Craigslist in Florida in 2021:

SGR793V in 2021
Photo : Craigslist

The following VR is with an unknown owner in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:

XAP638S in 2021
Photo : Metro

The following VR is currently undergoing renovation in Lakewood, Ohio:

JUB650V in 2021JUB650V interior
Photo : Bri Abraham

The following VR is currently undergoing conversion for use as a cafe in Bellevue, Kentucky:


XJJ650V in 2019

Photo : Coda Co

The following VR is being used by Red Bus Cupcakes in Longview, Texas:

DHW352W with Red Bus Cupcakes
Photo : Jennifer Phillips

The following VR is being used by Entrata Software in Lehi, Utah as an integral part of their HQ building:


PWC514M in 2019PWC514M being installed at Entrada

Photos : Entrata Software

The following VR is also with Entrata Software in Utah as a promotional vehicle:

OWE853R in 2022OWE853R in 2022
Photos : courtesy Mike Daly

The following VR is in use as the "Side Dough" retail outlet at Levy Park, Houston:

HUD474S in 2021
HUD474S in 2021
Photo : Side Dough

The following VR was used on tours by Atlanta Royal Tours in Atlanta, Georgia from 2012 until 2014. It's current status is not known:

BFX568T in 2014

The following VR is in use with Junction Coffee in Oklahoma City as a mobile coffee outlet:

GLJ46N in 2015

The following VR runs tours for Erin's Snug Irish Pub, Madison, Wisconsin:

Photo : Erin's Snug

The following VR was purchased by Julians Omnibus in Providence, Rhode Island in 2010 and converted to a mobile restaurant:


Photo : From the Internet

The following VRs is at Safety Harbor, Clearwater, Florida, owner and use unknown:


OTA284G in 2021

Photo : courtesy Stuart Gilkes

The following VRs is a static exhibit at The Funk Yard, Uranus, Missouri:

LFS298F in 2016

Photo : The Funk Yard

The following VR is kept at a garage on Touhy Avenue, Skokie, Chicago. It was last reported in November 2019 and doesn't appear to have moved very far since arriving there in 2009:


Photo : Michelle Reitman

The following VR is owned by Java Dawg, Sarasota, Florida and is converted for use as a mobile coffee shop:

TFN988T in 2015

Photo : Java Dawg

The following VR is owned by The Irish Bus Company, Portland, Oregon:


Photo : Bob Martin

The following VR is with Ernie Mozell in Bad Axe, Michigan as an eyecatche for The Country Village, carrying London Transport roundels on Clynnog & Trefor livery:

XJJ664V in 2011
Photo : Scott Biggs

The following VR is with Danny Webb at Paranormal Concessions in Eaton Ohio. It was converted for use as the Menehune Tiki Bus food outlet, completed in 5/2016. Unfortunately it was involved in a bad accident in 8/2016 and was written off by the insurers in 1/2017. By 6/2018 it had been rebranded as The Crazy Burrito in Tipp City, Ohio where it was used as a static restaurant:

STW26W in 2016
Photo : Danny Webb

The following VR has been used at the summer Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Black Rock Desert in recent years. It broke down on the way to the 2009 Festival and its engine and transmission were sent to Star Line, Los Angeles for refurbishment. Any further sightings would be very much appreciated :


Photo : From the Internet

The following VR has been covered in pink fur carrying 300,000 LED lights by Shagadelica in California :


Photo : Shagadelica

The following VR was exported in 2003 and has been converted to a luxury party bus. It was for sale in Dothan, Alabama in January 2011 and was at The Hoosick Tavern in New York state by July 2017:


WRC831S in 2017

Photo : The Hoosick Tavern

The following VR is with San Francisco Sightseeing Deluxe, California:


KOO791V in San Francisco

Photo : From the Internet

The following VR is with City Sightseeing, San Francisco, California:


OCS584H in 2009

Photo : Bob Martin

The following VR was with James Tillapaugh, Chicago, Illinois in 2007. It went missing from a mechanic's in North Carolina in 2008 and is believed to have been scrapped having been in very poor condition:


Photo : From the Internet

The following VR is with Party Buses, Denver, Colorado:


Photo : Kevin Nicol

The following VR is with Rev Oscar Ernand, Miami, Florida. It was for sale on eBay in July 2012:


Photo : Rev Oscar Ernand

The following VRs are with Charter Entertainment, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. URB161S was photographed in New York in August 2008 alongside XJJ660V and was subsequently for sale on eBay later that month. EAP989V was also reported in New York in 8/2008:


Photo : Alex Hall


The following VR commenced a three-month tour of the US to promote Harry Potter in June 2007:


Photo : Kilted Librarian

The following VR is with the Double Decker Bus Company in Las Vegas:


Photo : From the Internet

The following VR is owned by McCloskey Mechanical Contractors of Lindenwold, New Jersey and is to be converted for use as a pre-game party bus for Lindenwold baseball team. It was noted at the premises of Philadelphia Trolley Works in Philadelphia undergoing maintenance in August 2012:


Photo : From the Internet

The following VRs were owned by F.A.D.D.S. Party Bus in Mount Juliet, Nashville, Tennessee. Sadly operations ceased during 2020 due to Covid:


Photo : F.A.D.D.S.


Photo : F.A.D.D.S.

Withdrawn 9/2013. Used for spares

The following VR was owned by Villani Bus Company, Linden, New Jersey and was still there in 2005, but had gone from their yard soon after:


Photo : Alex Hall

The following VR is owned by Ragin' Uptown Party in Charlotte, North Carolina:


Photo : Bob Martin

The following VR is owned by an unknown owner in Covington, Cincinnati, Ohio and is now derelict:


Photo : David Stenger

The following VR was being used as a shuttle bus in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2/2004. However, it broke down later in 2004 and was impounded by the towing company who then advertised it for sale on eBay, 12/2004:


Photo : Alex Hall

The following VRs are with Gateway Tours, Miami, Florida:


Photo : Alex Hall


Photo : Alex Hall

The following VR is with an unknown owner in Brighton, Utah when photographed in several feet of snow (!):


Photo : From the Internet

The following VR was with an unknown owner in Denver, Colorado in July 2005:


Photo : From the Internet

The following VR is owned by Wesco Rental Businesses, Torrance, California:


Photo : Gil Davis

These former Standerwick VRL coaches plus a standard bus-configured VRT were last known to be with Chicago Motor Coach. They are presumed now scrapped unless you know better:


More former Standerwick coaches, these have been sitting derelict with Rochester Coach Lines in Minnesota for many years, having been owned by them since at least 1981:


Photo : Bob Morroll


Photo : Carl Liebig

The following was in a dealer's yard near Murrieta in California in 1997 having previously been with Porters of Passadena:


The following was exported from the UK to Florida in July 2001 but was impounded on arrival for having broken age restrictions. It was subsequently reported as derelict in a field outside Charlotte, North Carolina with no windows or wheels in November 2009 still in MASS livery. It was still there in January 2015. By May 2019 it had been moved into a storage unit where it was converted to partial open-top for use as "Action Bar" at Coliseum V in downtown Charlotte. Coliseum V closed in October 2020 and the VR was sold at a liquidation sale in November 2020, buyer unknown:

FTU390T in 2019
Photo : Action Bus

The following are known to have been exported to the U.S.A., but no details of their whereabouts have ever been established:


This VR is with Chicago Bus, Illinois:

536 : GRP787L

This VR is with an unknown owner behind a barbers shop in McCordsville, Indiana:


Photo : Tim Biddle

This VR is with Grayline, Chicago, Illinois and is in derelict condition. It was for sale on eBay in January 2004:


Photo : eBay

This VRs were with Gray Line Tours, Boston, Massachusetts (location now unknown):


This VR was with Manhattan Double Decker Tours, New York, in 6/1994, but not recorded since and is presumed scrapped:


This VR is in Houston, Texas with Tyler Horne who in September 2009 was attempting to get it back running again. By July 2016 it had been moved inside and had received a repaint into allover red.:


HUD474S in 2016

Photo : Steve Kendrick

This VR was exported from the UK in 1999 and was used in Philadelphia by Thomas Jefferson University as The Asthma Bus. Funding finished in 2006 and it passed to Philadelphia Trolley Works (who had maintained it for the University):


Photo : Thomas Jefferson University

This VR is in Orlando, Florida, and was used by Sky Shuttle to transport tourists to and from Disneyworld. It was sold (destination unknown) by 10/2003:


Photo : Robert Togni

This VR was operated by Greater Laconia Transit Agency and is converted to offside central entrance/exit. It passed to Westpointe Retirement Community, Pensacola, Florida in July 2002 and was photographed there by Bob Martin in 2004. It was still present in April 2008:


Photo : From the Internet

These VRs are with Jeff Goldberg, Baton Rouge, Louisiana for use in Mardi Gras parades:


Photo : eBay


Photo : eBay

Sold to an unknown owner in Sarasota, Florida, c11/2008

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